PyPI Admins

The Python Package Index (PyPI) admins have suspended the signup & package submission for a short period of time.

The managers stop access to features of sign-up & package uploads for a short time just for the sake of ongoing cyber attacks. That’s because there was a huge number of attacks being executed from the adversaries’ side in the previous week.

PyPI Team


“Nobody with a new user name will be able to register their ID on PyPI temporarily to avoid any ongoing malicious activity. For now, we don’t have enough strategies to hold & respond against the adversaries who are pulling strings behind the attacks which are happening due to malicious projects building on PyPI.

Moreover, it has become difficult to manage because a huge number of admins are on leave right now. Admins have uploaded an incident report for Python infrastructure which you can read to know about the event. Even though we had a discussion over the weekend, the newcomers still won’t be able to submit their project now.”

The notification doesn’t clarify any details  about the event, such as

  • Adversaries,
  • Their Objectives, and
  • The Codes used in the attacks.

The adversaries uploaded malicious packages to the PyPI repository. That’s because they try manipulating developers to use those packages via social engineering methods, such as

  1. Typos in their names, and
  2. High Version Numbers.

The adversary gets a benefit with a repository that has the objective of executing supply chain attacks pointing at developers.

This week, ReversingLabs researchers alerted about the 2 malicious packages known as follows in the npm package repository, including an open-source info-stealer called TurkoRat.

  1. Nodejs-encrypt-agent, and
  2. Nodejs-cookie-proxy-agent.

TurkoRat, an info-stealing malware capable of acquiring a wide range of data from the infected machine, including

  1. Account Login Credentials,
  2. Cryptocurrency Wallets, and
  3. Website Cookies.

Moreover, the mentioned malware allows anti-sandbox & analysis facilities to avoid detection and prevent being analyzed.

February 2023

Phylum researchers found 451+ unique Python Packages on the PyPI repository while trying to share clipper malware on the developer systems.

According to the Experts,

The event is still ongoing & is a part of the malicious program they found on Nov, 2022.


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