Cyberwar on Pro-Russian Hacker Gang KillnetDeclared by Anonymous

Our Confidential Information on the Internet must be safe.

Cyberwar, Hacking Cases are growing day by day. One of the main reasons for this is that we share most of our Confidential Information on the Internet. This hampers our routine work and puts our data in danger.

Why’s that? That’s because every day we hear the news that some Potential Hacker hacked an ID and stole the data they needed. This feels like a crisis, it sounds like we’re not safe over the Internet too.

Online Platforms may give us the opportunity to connect to Millions of People at once, however, it also involves our data which may become a reason for worry. Continuing this, we need Professionals to protect our data from being stolen.

Before that, you should see this news coming, straightly flashing over Twitter, and feeding the breaking news to the Active Media. What’s that and what was the scenario? Let’s hear about it.

Anonymous>Cyberwar<Russian Hacker Gang Killnet!!!

A Decentralized Hackers’ Group Anonymous has declared a war against the Russian Hacker Gang Killnet. Killnet wasn’t just a normal threat. A few days ago it has already attacked many individuals.

Some of them are Italian Institutions and Govt. Ministries, the Super Council of Judiciary, the Customs Agency, and the Foreign Affairs. Moreover, Education and Cultural Heritage Ministries weren’t left unscathed.

The talk got hyped up when the attack also happened to Italy’s Upper House of Parliament, the National Health Institute (ISS), and the Automobile Club d’Italia. Was that the end of online hacking and the security officers backed off?…

Boom! R.I.P. Gang Killnet!?

Huh! What’s this about? Is everything good? Umm, actually yes. When the Cybersecurity Agencies in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand barged in, the situation turned around.

All of them issued a warning to organizations that beyond Ukraine’s Border they can become the target of the Russian Hackers. After the opposition made this step, the official site of Killnet Gang was taken offline.

A report says that the Cybercriminal Groups that can be a threat to CNI include:

  •     DDoS-ers Killnet
  •     Emotet Operators Mummy
  •     Sality Botnet Developer Salty Spider

See? People are getting hacked. More and more troubles are happening via the Internet. The only solution to this is that you can hire a Professional Cyber Security Expert or you can be the one yourself. Oh! You don’t know how to become one. Well, let us guide you. You can join the Cyber Security Course after the 12th at Craw Security Private Limited by visiting the official website via following the link.


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