Army Officer Impersonation Scam: A Bengaluru Doctor was Duped out of ₹95,000

Army Officer Impersonation Scam

Army Officer Impersonation Scam: A Bengaluru Doctor was Duped out of ₹95,000

Bengaluru:  Dr. Jyothi SR, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Bengaluru, fell prey to a sophisticated online fraud, resulting in a loss of ₹95,000. The impostor, masquerading as a military commander, persuaded Dr. Jyothi to disclose her digital payment application’s QR code, resulting in the illicit diversion of monies from her account.

On January 9th, Dr. Jyothi, while providing medical care at her Guru Sparsha Clinic in T Dasarahalli, received a phone call from an unidentified number. The individual, identifying himself as “Sathies Kumar” from the Indian Army, notified her that approximately 25 female army personnel would be arriving at her clinic for medical examinations. He asked her to carry out the tests and send him the reports.

In order to enhance the credibility of his deception, Kumar conducted a video conference with Dr. Jyothi, engaging in further conversation regarding the examinations and protocols. Subsequently, he asked for her visiting card and the precise whereabouts of the facility through WhatsApp. Jyothi, unaware at this juncture, divulged the particulars, so furnishing further leverage to the swindler.

Kumar escalated the deception by offering a prepayment for the examinations. He persuaded Dr. Jyothi to disclose her UPI QR code, stating that it was essential for the money transfer. Dr. Jyothi shared the code based on his trust in his words.

Under the guidance of Kumar, Dr. Jyothi inputted an amount of ₹47,500 into her UPI payment interface. Surprisingly, the funds were immediately deducted from her account. Ascribing this to a “technical malfunction,” Kumar shrewdly directed Dr. Jyothi to replicate the procedure. Undeterred by the repeated deduction, Dr. Jyothi came to the realization that she was being deceived.

Dr. Jyothi, displaying vigilance and sharp mental acuity, promptly terminated the call and promptly reached out to the Bagalagunte police to prevent the fraudster from further exploiting her. A case has been filed by the police under the Information Technology Act and IPC 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property). The police are currently conducting an investigation into the situation.

This occurrence serves as a clear and powerful warning of the constant danger posed by cybercrime, especially for highly skilled individuals such as doctors. It underscores the significance of being watchful, particularly while engaging in online financial transactions. Recklessly divulging confidential data such as QR codes and inputting monetary values prior to verifying the legitimacy of the sender can result in severe financial consequences.

The prompt response and vigilance of Dr. Jyothi prevented additional damages, underscoring the necessity for heightened awareness and education regarding online fraudulent schemes. With the progression of technology, fraudsters also enhance their strategies. To safeguard themselves from becoming victims of fraudulent schemes, individuals should protect themselves by staying alert, being cautious, and checking information before participating in online transactions.

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