Mumbai Tech Personnel claimed that his life is being manipulated by hackers via microchip in a Distress Appeal

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Mumbai Tech Personnel claimed that his life is being manipulated by hackers via microchip in a Distress Appeal

Mumbai:  Distress Appeal made by Sachin Sonawane, a resident of Kandivali, is experiencing apprehension as he suspects that he may have been implanted with a microchip after his online accounts were compromised and his heart rate inexplicably increased.

The District Judge has instructed the Charkop police to conduct an investigation into his allegations, adding a science fiction element to an actual cybersecurity crisis.

Sonawane, a technologically proficient guy with extensive experience in software solutions, initially became aware of the issue when his online accounts, such as social media, Gmail, and e-commerce platforms, were unlawfully accessed. Despite implementing password changes and adopting precautionary measures, the hacker continued to persistently infiltrate his digital existence.

“Despite changing phones and SIM cards, the hacker managed to track him down on his new Gmail account,” clarified Prakash Salshingikar, Sonawane’s attorney.  Sonawane developed a disturbing suspicion due to the persistent intrusion: there might be a microchip placed in his body.

The purported surveillance extended beyond online intrusions. Sonawane asserted that his heart rate experienced unexplained elevation on several instances, introducing a potentially perilous aspect to the circumstance.

Exasperated by the absence of response from the authorities despite corresponding with the Mumbai Police Commissioner, Zonal Deputy Commissioner, and the local police station, Sonawane pursued legal action. The Metropolitan Magistrate, acknowledging the gravity of the accusations, instructed the Charkop police to formally register and examine the complainant’s claim.

Although the validity of the microchip claim has not been confirmed, the situation highlights apprehensions about internet security and the susceptibility of our digital existence. Sonawane’s story serves as a clear reminder to exercise caution about internet safety and promptly report any dubious behavior.

The ongoing inquiry by the Charkop police aims to uncover the truth behind this peculiar occurrence, offering explanations and, ideally, reinstating Sonawane’s feelings of safety and tranquility.

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