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BC confirms thousands of PIX keys and other data leaked.

Banks always get into controversy because of unspecified reasons, affecting the bank’s employees and tangling the customers. Right now, the industries are more focused on money-making than offering standardized services and facilities to their customers.

Banks are following this trend which is not suitable in the long run. If we look at the network of customers banks are connected with, the count will go much higher than we could imagine. Now, you can take an estimated count of how much data these banks store in their databases.

The security of that data is necessary and should be confirmed at once. We know banks always try to make their network more secure whenever new security methods come in. But adversaries are not backing up, and it’s not like they are backing up any sooner. The news came in about bank data leaks.

Additionally, the bank mentioned in the news was Central BankBC.” Customers’ records are under the custody of Abastece Ai Clube Automobilista Payment LTDA, aka Abastece Ai. Pix keys that connect users’ data to the bank transfer details have been breached.

Central Bank, BC, 2022

The Bank (BC) assures customers that their passwords and balance data are not compromised.

Moreover, The Central Bank has put the guilt of this event on the occurrence of accidental failures in payment organization’s systems.

Since the Pay as You Go facility has been offered to the customers, it’s the fourth data breach incident related to PIX Keys.

According to “BC,” any sensitive customer data has not been breached.

Such sensitive information could be –

  • passwords
  • transactions
  • financial balances
  • or any other information.

Bank also said they had taken necessary steps to discern the leak and deal with the suspect briefly. Next, the decided steps will be applied in the regulation.

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Abastece Aí

“Suspended the suspicious activities after the security incident in which it was a victim, and investigation measures are being taken.”

Good News!

Right now, it’s under the bank’s secrecy. Simply, the data which leaked in the event was just the registry data. It doesn’t allow any kind of movement in assets/ offer access to accounts. Clients will get direct communication from banks’ official application/ online banking services whose data has been compromised in the event.

Piece of Advice

Being alert is better than becoming a victim. That’s because you’re responsible for your ignorance. Search for the latest hacking news or the cyberattack that is making more victims by trapping them with various tricks. This will help you to make more wise choices.

See other logged data leaks:

  • September 2021: data leakage under the custody and responsibility of the State Bank of Sergipe (Panes);
  • January 2022: BC announces the leak of PIX keys from clients of financial institution Acesso Soluções de Pagamento;
  • February 2022: Leak of 2112 PIX keys from the financial institution Logbank Soluções em Pagamentos S/A.


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