Hackers Send Parents Nude Images

Social media became more of an attention seeker for those who have weaker mindsets and act like sick psychopaths. According to the events happening recently, it has been clear that the victims are not only insecure but are being easily targeted by the unethical skilled person who has the temptation for wrongdoings.

To complete their malicious goals, they can go to any extent that can be the least humane. Now, what happened will make you crazy enough to go all ‘o’ aboard. Adversaries attempted to hack a popular school messaging app.

The count of users of this app has already reached 10 million, which includes – teachers, students, and family members. Moreover, the malicious actors share nudes on private chats of targeted people.

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The app, known as Seesaw, for parents and teachers was hacked and some parents said they received messages with explicit photo that is infamous on the internet.

“School districts in Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas all said that the photo was sent through the app, Seesaw, to parents and teachers in private chats,” the report mentioned.



The company has refused to answer any calls for the count of users victimized so the count is anonymous. That perfectly shows what’s on the other side. But the case doesn’t dissolve here. Seesaw pushed a statement that says

“specific user accounts were compromised by an outside actor” and “we are taking this extremely seriously”. “Our team continues to monitor the situation to ensure we prevent further spread of these images from being sent or seen by any Seesaw users,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.


To hide the link from being seen as suspicious content, adversaries shared the link with parents and teachers as a bitly link. The link was having photos containing explicit content. Bitly is a popular link-shortening service.

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Actions are taken over the Incident

Several schools that were using Seesaw (a malicious app) sent an alert to warn parents that they must not open the link sent via Seesaw as it could have explicit content that might be harmful to the environment of their kids.

“Please do not open any ‘bitly’ links that are sent to you this morning in a Seesaw message,” they advised parents and told them to communicate with teachers via emails.


As we have seen this could also happen, so we should just search for the apps’ developers mentioned in the download section from where we download them. This could save most people from being victimized by such attacks.

Also, we should ensure that our smart devices must have malware protection installed on them so that nobody can have unauthorized access to our devices. To protect yourself from such attacks you can even take help from professional ethical hackers to provide you with the best solutions.


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