Billions of Scraped Discord Messages Up for Sale on Spy.Pet


Billions of Scraped Discord Messages Up for Sale on Spy.Pet

Four billion public Discord communications are available for purchase on, an internet scraping service.

Upon initial examination, there appears to be little that is unlawful about it. The communications were accessible to the public, and data scraping is not prohibited by law. It turns out, however, that the website did violate some regulations; more on that later.

The platform has collected details from 14,201 servers representing 627,914,396 users in order to amass this volume of data.

Servers Being Tracked 14.201
Approximate Users Being Tracked 627.914.396
Messages Logged


Certain users may find the manner in which arranged the data to be troublesome.  It constructed a database containing all known aliases, pronouns, connected accounts (such as Steam and GitHub), joined Discord servers, and public messages, based on user profiles.

A descent into the gloomy abysses of the dark web is not necessary for purchasers to obtain this information. It is accessible to everyone via the standard web.

In addition, a search for information pertaining to a particular user requires only the user ID of that user on Discord and cryptocurrency.

In order to access profiles, one must initially purchase credits. A credit is valued at $0.01, and a purchase of at least 500 credits is required.

Ten credits will be refunded for each profile search, or seven credits for each cached profile.


Notably, the platform additionally provides an enterprise edition, information regarding which is distributed by contacting the administrator.

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Violating Multiple Laws

Data scraping is currently widespread, but there are a few principles that, if violated, can cost significantly more than a few dollars. Data scraping and sale pertaining to minors, particularly in the absence of consent, is prohibited in the majority of nations, including the United States.

Discord fraud

Additionally, when collecting data on citizens of the European Union (EU), you must establish a procedure by which they can request the removal of their information. Although does feature a “Request Removal” icon, activating it will result in the display of a distracting segment from a Spider-Man film in which the news editor makes fun of Peter Parker.

Discord informed the Register that it is investigating the chat-harvesting service to determine whether any action is required.

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“Discord is dedicated to safeguarding our users’ privacy and information.  An investigation is presently underway into this subject.  Should it be ascertained that there have been infringements of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, the necessary measures will be implemented to enforce our policies.  Additional remarks are not possible at this time due to the ongoing investigative process.”

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