Beware! Check Your Child in School Before Paying The Online Ransom Money


Beware! Check Your Child in School Before Paying The Online Ransom Money

New trick of cyber miscreants, sending messages to children as weapons. The message reached the parents while the child was present in the school. Children of St. Joseph’s School were targeted, the school warned 6000 parents. In the name of saving the child, ₹25,000 was given. demand

Online Ransom Money

Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh:  There is a piece of sensational news for the parents of children in schools or colleges in the city and in the entire nation.  Parents of students have become the target of cyber fraud gangs.  Vicious cyber fraudsters have obtained the numbers of parents of school children on a large scale and are targeting their parents exactly when the child is in school.

Such an incident has come to light in the city’s most prestigious St. Joseph’s College.  Here on Wednesday, parents of many children reached school with messages from cybercriminals.  Hearing this, the school management’s ears perked up.  When they asked the children publicly, they came to know that parents of children up to class 6th have been targeted and such a message has reached more than a dozen of them.

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On this, the school principal took the written complaint of the parent and handed it over to the Civil Lines police station and on his part sent a message to the parents of about six thousand students and cautioned them about the work of cyber thugs.

School Alerted 6000 Parents

Thousands of students study at Civil Lines St. Joseph’s College.  On Wednesday, a parent approached the principal and told that she had received a message that her child was involved in a rape case.  A demand of ₹25,000 has been made to save him from going to jail.  Hearing this, Father Thomas checked the class and found out that the child was in school.  After this, the woman breathed a sigh of relief.  After some time, many more such parents arrived with similar complaints.

One parent even said that when he was told that he did not have ₹25,000 to transfer the ransom, the caller got angry.  He started abusing him.  A student in class six said that his parents were informed that a notice had been issued in the name of their child.

The police will issue a challan against his name and send him to jail.  If the money is transferred immediately, the child will be saved.  When many cases came to light one after the other, Father Thomas’s ears perked up and he took precautionary measures.

Called The Police and Informed

The father took the written complaint from the complainants called SO Civil Lines and handed over the complete complaint along with the cover note.  Without any delay, the entire message was announced in every class and conveyed to all the students as well as teachers.

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To save the children from panic, counseling was done in the school along with their parents.  The special thing was that cyber fraudsters had called someone and messaged someone.  The DP of the number from which the message came had a photo of a South Indian actor in a police uniform.

Be Cautious of +92 and +46 Extension Calls

When the mobile phones of the parents were checked, it was found that everyone had received a call or message from either the +92 or +46 numbers.  Both of them are not from India.

Cyber experts say that there is a need to be careful with these numbers because if India’s number is there then only +91 will show.

Misbehaving on Calls

After it was found out that the message was fake, many parents called the number from which the fake message was sent.  As soon as the call was received, cyber fraud misbehavior started.  He even told me to do whatever I can.

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You will not be able to find them in life.  Some people said that these miscreants said that not you but someone else would get trapped.

Are Cyber Thugs Doing Reconnaissance of Students?

This incident raises a question in people’s minds which is very important and serious.  It is said that cyber thugs are doing data gathering of the students studying in schools and colleges.  His question is also how are the details of the students studying in the school and the numbers of their parents reaching them.  Now everyone wants to know the answers to these questions because how do cyber fraudsters know that their child studies in St. Joseph’s only?

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The matter has come to notice.  Parents of all the students studying in the school have been alerted by sending a message.  The Civil Lines Inspector came after the information.  He has been given complete information about this matter.  Parents need to be alert.

All this matter is informed by Father Thomas, Principal at St. Joseph’s School and College.

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