Cyber Attack

Biggest Cyber Crime of $75,00,000 in Assam from Oil India Limited Co.

Recently Oil India Limited Company suffered a Cyber Attack. On 10th April in the afternoon, when some employees were working, they suddenly noticed that some computers were not working and got shut down. The IT department got to know that it was a malware attack where affected computers shut down in online fraud. PTI reported – “Fraudsters hacked the Oil India Limited’s computer systems in its headquarters at the Dibrugarh district of Assam”.

The systems have been shut down since Monday and efforts were being made to resolve the issues, OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika said to the news agency. 

FIR has been filed first at the Duliajan Police Station. Now Assam Police has started an investigation.

Oil India Limited Company is facing many problems in their work that is related to networks, servers, etc, due to cyber-attacks. The IT department sent an email to manager Sachin Kumar on April 12 and informed them about this Malware attack.

Cyber Hacker Demands ₹ 571,092,184

A fraudster sent a note to one of the infected computers and demanded ₹ 571,092,184. 

IT Department has shut down its operations due to a huge loss in the company in Cyber Crime.

“Oil India Limited spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika told PTI that they were being forced to withdraw all our computer systems from LAN connection after it came to know that three to four computers were affected by a virus on Monday,” Now no computer has access to internet connectivity.

The spokesperson said the activities of the company have not been impacted by the cyber attack. Most of the operations are going on without interruption.

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