Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack in Kokar Laxmi Tower Ranchi During Booking Tickets

₹1.85 Lakh was Blown off in 3 Transactions in Cyber AttackCyber

₹ 1.85 Lakh was stolen from the account of Jolly Dey in Cyber Attack. Jolly Dey residents of Kokar Laxmi Tower, Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. He filed an FIR in Sadar Police Station. The case was about where he was booking a ticket to Chennai from Make My Trip. 

But the ticket wasn’t getting booked. Then he got into contact with the customer helpline. And had a conversation about ticket booking. After this, his Rs 1.85 lakh was blown in three times. Jolly explained in his FIR that he booked a ticket on 4 April 2022 after searching on Google.

During the Booking, he lost his Rs 2500 but the ticket wasn’t booked yet. After this, he dialed a Toll-Free number 1800412260211 but the call was disconnected. After a few seconds, he got a call from another number which was 9907544423. And the fraudster said I’ll book your ticket. The event wasn’t finished yet, but the criminal was on a different plan. 

The moment this incident happened the victim wasn’t sure if this was a daylight robbery or not. But the criminal got his plan checked. Let’s continue to the next event that happened after this.

Cyber Attack
Cyber Attack in Kokar Laxmi Tower Ranchi During Booking Tickets

Fraudster Sent a Link for Sending Ticket on Email | Cyber Attack

This event was just shocking as any other would be. And the victim was not ready for the moment. So, he got into a crucial situation from which he couldn’t even be able to save himself. The event happened as follows:-

  • The fraudster sent a link to Jolly Dey and said – I am sending you a ticket in your email. But you have to pay Rs 1. 
  • Just after making the payment of Rs 1, please check your email. I am sending you a ticket. 
  • Post this, Rs 25000 was blown the first time from Jolly dey’s account. And then Rs 80000 was blown two times. 
  • After that, Mr. Jolly dey filed a Fir about this incident. FIR has been registered at the Sadar Police Station. 
  • In the end, the police started an investigation.

Be Aware Of Cyber Attacks 

He should not have paid 1Rs when that fraudster asked for the sum. Nowadays it’s very important to be aware of incidents happening around us. And the surroundings teach us when to lean on somebody or to do things on our own. Cyber Fraud was just a part of this hectic and cruel world. Anyone can be a victim and anyone can be an assaulter. Be sure to learn and take precautions. Cyber Crime happens due to a lack of knowledge. People shouldn’t connect on Free Wifi, unwanted links, Fake Websites, and Fake calls.

For more search on “google” and be “safe”


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