Cyber Fraud! Retired Financial Institution Supervisor got in ₹3 Lakh scam

Cyber Fraud in only 9 minutes

Cyber Fraud of ₹3 Lakh in only 9 minutes

Recently a news story came out where a 60-year-old financial institution’s retired manager has caught herself in a situation where she was being a victim of Cyber Fraud. When She replied to a message sent from an unknown number, She lost her 3.04 lakh in 9 minutes.

The victim’s name is Sujatha Ramkumar. She has a savings account in a Bank on Avenue Road. At 6.14 pm on Monday, she received the message and clicked the Given link, and gave all the details. When she was given the OTPs, she updated the details in the given link. 

Between 6.26 pm and 6.35 pm, within 9 minutes in Cyber Fraud, Fraudsters withdrew 3.04 Lakh from my savings account,” She kept her word in her complaint. The accused have transferred her money in three transactions. She realized that she had been duped with a message of money being debited from her savings account. She filed a complaint with all details which were sent by fraudsters

“Being a retired manager, she must have thought before replying to the message from an unknown number. She should have taken this on a serious basis. she should have checked once that her net banking is active or not. In case it was suspended, she should have taken help from executives of the bank. Sometimes, the bank sends messages to its customers when net banking does not work in case of server issues,” Said an officer…


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