Only a single day passed since Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has urged his nation’s Hacker Underground Group to come forward help the nation via any means necessary.  The highly famous Hacktivist Anonymous Hacking group has already taken down so many government websites that fall under Russian Critical Infrastructure.

Anonymous has flamed a Cyber War against Russia amid Russia Ukraine War to help the weak nation Ukraine.

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In addition, they have also announced that they are fully in support of the European country Ukraine as they have very less resources to fight for the freedom of their country.  Meanwhile, Russian Vladimir Putin has passed a special ordinance of military operations in the Donbas region.

Russia Ukraine Lates News

The sources confirmed that the state-controlled international Russian television network, RT, some of the main Russian Govt. websites, the Duma, the Kremlin, and the Ministry of Defence were all affected by the apparent Cyberattack.

Some of the compromised websites were slowed down with the loading speed that they were not able to work efficiently while others were taken down offline and made unable to work upon.

Russian President Putin Alerts Russian Critical Infrastructure For Possible Cyber Attacks and Threats

According to the latest Tweets from the Twitter handle of the Anonymous group, the armed forces of Russian nationals are initiating a grand-scale bombardment action plan in the capital city of Ukraine – Kyiv.

However, these cyberattacks from Anonymous came to light a day later when a new data wiper malware was found in action in the weak spots of Ukraine amid this Russia Ukraine War crisis.

Russia Ukraine Cyber Warfare

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In the bottom line, netizens are hugely lauding this sudden involvement of this hacktivist group – Anonymous in the downfall of Russian Critical Infrastructure websites.  This kind of support that the hacking group has provided to Ukraine is such a pastry on a platter that will benefit Ukraine somehow in deciding the next few steps amid Russia Ukraine War.

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