Ukrainian President Zelenskyy asks hacker underground to defend against Russia

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Calls on his nation's hackers to take part in the war.

(Kyiv, Ukraine):  The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on his hacking underground group to defend the nation against the marching steps of Russian Armed Forces and Troops.  The honorary President also added to help the nation by protecting it from the critical infrastructure and running cyber-spying campaigns against the forthcoming steps of the Russian Army – declared according to 2 inside people involved in the concerning project.

Russia Ukraine Latest News

This is a very hot and happening Russia Ukraine Latest News Live that is coming all the way from Kyiv, Ukraine that as Russian forces have attacked the various cities across Ukraine, comprising the empty spaces, main ammunition storage centers, ministry of defense premises, numerous air bases including military and commercial.

Russia Ukraine News

Since the Russia Ukraine War has taken place, many of its citizens are migrating out of its capital city Kyiv, it was high time that someone has to take charge of things to something spontaneously. 

“Ukrainian cybercommunity! It’s time to get involved in the cyber defense of our country,” the post read, awakening the slept patriotism in its hacking citizen group so that they do something that may give some fruitful results in any possible manner.

There was a link to a Google Docs form, asking for their specialties, such as their best genre in hacking such as malware development, professional references, or any other possible manner that can benefit the nation at this crucial Russia Ukraine War timezone.

President Zelenskyy Asked for it

According to the sources, Yegor Aushev, co-founder of a well-known cybersecurity enterprise in the capital city of Ukraine – Kyiv, told that he has written the post at the prime request of a senior Defense Ministry delegate who communicated him through some confidential source around last Thursday for the same.  The well-established cyber security firm of Aushev is highly famous for working with the Government of Ukraine on some critical as well as sensitive cyber security issues for various defense purposes.

The same news is also viral that one more person is somehow involved in this Hacking Project also hailing from the Defence Ministry itself.

Moscow Denied All Allegation Made So far

On the contrary, as expected, Moscow denied all the allegations made by the Ukrainian Govt. to defame the name and its decorum in front of the world and major political leaders of the world including, Indian PMO Narendra Modi, President of the USA – Joe Biden, the U.K. Prime Minister – Boris Johnson, the German Chancellor, and the respective leaders of Italy, France, and other important countries of the world.

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