As you’ve been seeing, things aren’t completely the same in the world of IT & Cyber Security as they were in the past. The simplest reason for that is that the world has many skillful people with big brains and bright mindsets.

Even though people think that a small password that they think protects their networks and accounts, in the world, it is being tormented with blackmailing including a small piece of document or in KBs Dataset.

Is it even worth it? We think people misinterpret the situation that the minor password security they have is secure enough to protect themselves from world-class hackers. This misinterpretation makes many possibilities of being hacked instances.

Most commonly, organizations that don’t have a protected database aren’t familiar with such consequences until they meet one. The population of Cybercriminals has increased with rapid growth. Let’s hear about something that is happening in the world. Right now!


black basta

This is a tried and tested malware that can double the extortion to steal the data from the victim. Ahead of this, to threaten them attackers use that data as bait until they get monetary benefits. It has turned many things upside down which distressed the market as well. Let us introduce you to some of the main headlines.


Black Basta Ransomware-as-a-Service syndicate attacked 50 Victims in:

  • The U.S.
  • Canada
  • The U.K.
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

It has done all this in exactly 2 months, with an extremely fast speed and wider range. The effects on the considered places were drastic as you can see in the news reports.

According to the Cybereason

In general, we say which industries it targeted in the meantime were as follows:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Telcos
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Automobile Dealers
  • Undergarment Manufacturers

Ransomware strains were developing in Feb 2022. Following that it was released in early April. The basic purpose of this Ransomware was to create a Spam/ Delusion of buying and monetizing corporate networks access for a share of the profits.

In actuality, it was just a Mirage to fool around people through the link to desperately get into the trap and send the sensitive information to the attacker that has created that Ransomware purposely.

The Real Attack happened and Collaboration with QBoT

q bot malware

When Black Basta was making its place in the market by attacking, it joined hands with QBoT Malware.

It’s (QBoT) a windows malware for stealing bank credentials, windows domain credentials, and delivering further payloads on infected devices of malware. The corporation was made just to continue pressurizing the existing hosts and stealing credentials before they move further.

The latest Variant of Black Basta, what is it?

Following the previous incidents, the Linux variant of Black Basta which was specially designed for striking VMware ESXi virtual Machines on enterprise servers came into the spotlight. This was just to create a drastic effect on the groups like LockBit, Hive, and Cheers Crypt. Moreover, it really has made an amazing effect on the intended parties effectively.

According to Researcher – “Ido Cohen”

A manufacturer of defense, aerospace, and security solutions has put the Elbit Systems of America on the list of victims in circulation by cybercriminal syndicate.


Black Basta was included in the list of members related to the Conti Group. This happened due to an increase in law enforcement scrutiny and a major leak, which caused its operations to end. The most important part was related to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

CNN News….

Ukrainian Computer Specialist behind the leaks said….

I can’t shoot anything, but I can fight with a keyboard and my mouse.” That person was idealized with the name Pseudonym Danylo, and he released the bulk of Sensitive Data as a form of Digital Retribution in Mar 2022.”

The Conti Team has declared no connection with Black Basta by then. A few days ago, it took back the rest of the public-facing infrastructure. That included two Tor servers which were used to leak data and compromise with victims. It seemed to be the end of the criminal organization.

Following that, the group continued to keep making issues for Rican Government. In the meantime, some of the members were subdivided into smaller groups with other Ransomware outfits. The brand went through an organization revamp. These groups are divided into subgroups with different motives and business models. The range started from Data Theft to Independent Affiliates.

Group-IB also had some talk to do…

850 victims have come under the disastrous wave of the Conti Group since it derived in Feb, 2020. A “Lightning-FastHacking Spree victimized over 40 organizations from 17 Nov20 Dec 2021.

According to Singapore-Headquartered, the attacks were targeted against the following list:

  • S. Organizations 37%
  • Germany 3%
  • Switzerland 2%
  • The U.A.E. 2%
  • The Netherlands 1%
  • Spain 1%
  • France 1%
  • The Czech Republic 1%
  • Sweden 1%
  • Denmark 1%
  • India 1%

If we look at the big picture in the history of Cyber Attacks done by Conti Groups then we’ll see the following sectors were affected the most:

  • Manufacturing 14%
  • Real Estate 11.1%
  • Logistics 8.2%
  • Professional Services 7.1%
  • Trade 5.5%

The operators targeted companies by percentages:

  • S. 58.4%
  • Canada 7%
  • The U.K. 6.6%
  • Germany 5.8%
  • France 3.9%
  • Italy 3.1%

According to Group-IB’s Ivan Pisarev

The rapid growth of data leaks and Conti’s Attacks alert that this matter won’t stop to a small level. Now, it isn’t the topic only among malware developers. Also, an illicit RaaS industry is giving jobs to hundreds of Cybercriminals Globally with various field expertise.

What did we get?

Through this whole scenario, we learned that the situation is seriously dire, and we need to work very cleverly to hold on to our precious resources. Looking into the previous newsletters, we can say the future generations are going to be in a drastic situation if they don’t get in the same lane as the criminals outside.

We’re not saying that we won’t be safe until we put on some passwords or security protection over our database, it’s just that we also need to know the reasons and ways the attacker gets to trespass the security layer.

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