c0c0n2023: Kerala Police Takes An Action to Combat Online Child Sexual Exploitation


c0c0n2023: Kerala Police Takes An Action to Combat Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Kochi:  The Kerala Police organized the Counter Child Sexual Exploitation (CCSE) Track as a notable endeavor to address the pervasive issue of online crimes against children, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to safeguarding children in both virtual and physical environments. The aforementioned event constituted a component of the 16th iteration of the c0c0n conference, with a specific emphasis on safeguarding minors from the adverse aspects of the online realm.

A Plea for the Protection of the Most Vulnerable

During the inaugural session of the CCSE Track, Kerala Police ADGP Manoj Abraham underscored the paramount significance of ensuring the protection of children. The author recognized the concealed and widespread nature of internet offenses targeting minors, bringing attention to the concerning reality that this issue transcends national boundaries and impacts all regions of the globe.

ADGP Abraham highlighted the fact that instances of internet crimes targeting minors are not limited to any particular geographical location or nation, but rather extend beyond national boundaries. The individual disclosed that a significant number of law enforcement authorities lack awareness regarding the full scope of these criminal activities, mostly due to their covert nature. Instances of such transgressions frequently entail the utilization of visual and audiovisual content including minors, with the primary objective of financial profit, without the knowledge or consent of the individuals affected.

Crimes perpetrated against children in online environments frequently evade detection due to their occurrence within the private sphere of residences, hence presenting a formidable obstacle for law enforcement agencies to intervene in the absence of a formal complaint. Abraham emphasized the necessity of a collaborative endeavor that encompasses all relevant parties in order to tackle this urgent matter.

Origins of the CCSE Center

The initiative to fight cyber crimes against minors was initiated by the Kerala Police in 2017, acknowledging the pressing necessity to battle this covert threat. The establishment of the CCSE Center, a specialized institution aimed at safeguarding the digital rights of children, was undertaken by the aforementioned individuals. The Kerala Police conducted training sessions and capacity-building exercises in collaboration with professionals such as Guillermo Galarza Abizaid, affiliated with the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC).

The diligent endeavors of the CCSE Center yielded fruitful results, as it effectively identified and documented more than 1,800 instances of online crimes perpetrated against minors. This notable achievement positions the center among the highest reported figures within the country, and perhaps on a global scale.

An International Attempt

The CCSE Track event held at c0c0n 2023 garnered participation from professionals, law enforcement agencies, non-governmental organizations, and specialists from various parts of the world. The purpose of this gathering was to collectively tackle the urgent issues encountered by investigators in their efforts to battle the issue of online child sexual exploitation. The focal point of the event’s discussions revolved around the topics of preventing, identifying, and inquiring into online crimes targeting minors.

United Against Online Child Exploitation

The CCSE Track shed light on the pressing necessity to safeguard children against instances of online sexual abuse and exploitation. The platform provided a means for experts and officials to get together and collectively identify the issue while evaluating the worldwide risk associated with the facilitation of child sexual abuse and exploitation through internet means.

The outstanding passion and commitment demonstrated by individuals and organizations in ensuring the internet safety of children is noteworthy. The project undertaken by the Kerala Police serves as a symbol of optimism, emphasizing the significance of collaborative efforts in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our most susceptible demographic, namely, our children.


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