Tata Power Hit by Cyber Attack

Tata Power hit by cyber attack, company says critical systems safe

As we all know that Tata is one of the most promising brand names, with its customers globally on a large scale, it made a huge circle of the most popular groups. However, it continues to serve its clients with the best services. Why? That’s because even if you stand on a point from where you are safe enough just to watch and don’t need some extra effort, you still need to maintain your stream in the field 24×7 exactly.

It is obvious that making extra efforts will show you more in the limelight rather than competing companies. However, this doesn’t stop here. Sometimes, competing companies could make someone breach your marketing data/ strategy to go further than you.

If we skip that part, we’ll come to the latest update from Tata Power. Reports say it has been struck by a cyber-attack. The organization claims its personal systems are safe. But who knows what’s the real trip behind that? Let’s continue.

Friday, Tata Power

The firm admitted it had been hit by a cyber attack on its IT infrastructure.

Well, there’s no need to say that it can be dangerous for the system users that gather information about the data which is collected online and get shared over the connections. That’s because that data is highly confidential and needs more protection than other non-sensitive data.

Even though the online attack has hit its infrastructure, the company (Tata Power) is still saying that all its essential confidential operational systems are working accurately/ as usual. Several modes and platforms share updates related to any segment or an update; BSE came into the field and shared some information related to Tata Power.

Tata Power Company Ltd said some of its IT Systems were impacted by the cyber-attack.


BSE Filing, Tata Power

“The company has taken steps to retrieve and restore the systems. All critical operational systems are functioning,” However, as a measure of abundant precaution, “restricted access and preventive checks have been put in place for employee and customer-facing portals and touchpoints,” it added.

“The company will update on the matter going forward,” Tata Power added.

 After learning from the experience, the company has decided to make things safer by controlling the volume of users through access restrictions. They have also applied checks designed to prevent any such incidents in the future.

R.K. Singh, Union Power Minister, India

Last month, Singh said India`s power network would soon be more future-ready and insulated from cyber-attacks with the provision of routine inspections and timely action under the Electricity Amendment Bill. Earlier this year, Singh informed that there were cyber-attacks on the national power grid. “These were probing attacks in December, January, and February. They did not succeed. But we are aware,” he had said.

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