Foreign nationals arrested for cheating women on Instagram

Hyderabad police’s cyber wing arrested a Ghanian named Allocate Peter and a Nigerian, Romance Joshua, for cheating a woman of ₹ 2.2 lakh by posing as customs officials.


It was discovered that the duo came to Delhi on student visas and created fake profiles to lure people into their scams. They used American and British phone numbers to make their elaborate ploy more believable.

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They first befriended the woman by claiming to be Oscar Leone – a doctor from the United States. They said that they would send her gifts of gold and electronics. The woman from Begumpet naively believed them. She then got a call from a man claiming to be a customs official. On his order, she paid ₹ 2.2 lakh as various charges.

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Cybercrime is on the rise as more and more of India’s population becomes mobile and internet friendly, and the lesson to be learned is to be cautious when dealing with strangers online. It is easy to create fake profiles on the internet and win people’s trust. By the time a victim finds out that they have been scammed, it’s too late, and the attackers destroy all evidence of the crime. It’s in situations like these that cyber security and ethical hacking come into great use. The police have to ask for the help of cyber experts in order to trace the attack and find the culprits.

In this instance, the case was reported, and the attackers were found – this is not always the case.

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