Citrix is a cloud computing company that holds a lot of data to become an incharge of. That’s why this latest issue became a problem for Citrix. Huh! What kind of issue are you talking about? We’re talking about the vulnerabilities found in the application delivery management that has been in trouble for too long since it wasn’t getting patched until a few days ago.

So the issue was just that the uneven access control weakness (CVE-2022-27511) created a risk for the organization. That any unknown user could barge into the system. Not only could the user crash the system via DOS exploit, however, it could make a way for the unauthorized users to pass to the admin panel and could change admin credentials.

This vulnerability could cause an alert “reset of the admin password”. If the user has made the device reboot, the attacker could easily use the SSH (Secure Shell) access. That’s to connect with admin credentials.

If it happens then that would turn the corrupted system issue into a more vulnerable situation. This would be similar to the damage done with a remote code execution.

Moreover, a separate vulnerability named CVE-2022-27512 is dangerous in its own way. It causes ADM License Services to be disrupted for the time being.

In this whole situation, the Citrix ADM Servers and Citrix ADM Agents were affected by the vulnerabilities. This was discovered by the German Firm Code White’ security researchers.


“Citrix advised all system admins to upgrade the systems in the latest version and those are:

  • Citrix ADM 13.1-21.53
  • Citrix ADM 13.0-85.19”

According to the Cyber Security Experts, if the system doesn’t get any upgrade it can be hacked anytime and could get into trouble.

Just like this situation, every network holds some responsibility, and to provide it security we need some help from Cyber Security Experts. For that what you need to do is choose the way from the following:

  • To become one of them
  • To hire one of them

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