Hundreds of Websites Around the Globe Shut Down Temporarily Due To Cloudflare Outage

Hundreds of Websites Around the Globe Shut Down Temporarily Due To Cloudflare Outage

Last Tuesday, 23rd June 2022, we witnessed a global outage that led to hundreds of websites shut down temporarily for nearly two hours making a terrible loss of money and time to several organizations across India, Indonesia, and Eastern Europe.  It took around two hours to fix the issues that caused a network performance issue.

Cloudflare Outage

In the recent encounter where a number of websites globally shut down due to the Cloudflare outage which lasts around two hours to rectify the issues responsible for this two-hour-long temporary outage.  Moreover, the Cloudflare outage knocked down several crucial websites that were handling the most sensitive cases in their genres such as Discord, Shopify, Fitbit, Peleton, various cryptocurrency services, and Cloudflare itself, offline for a number of hours.

Basically, Cloudflare is a US-based content delivery network that is commonly referred to as CDN whose main objective is to provide DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) protection to numerous online domains, speed optimization, and various cybersecurity services.  Moreover, the organization encountered the same category of issues last week when the same outage in the Indian region cause numerous services comprising Discord, Shopify, Canva, and GitLab to suffer from several network performance issues in the regions of India, Indonesia, and Eastern Europe.

Hundreds of Websites Around the Globe Shut Down Temporarily Due To Cloudflare Outage

This problematic incident on Tuesday was first detected on Cloudflare’s status page at around 8 AM GMT, where the company posted a statement declaring that the connectivity in Cloudflare’s network has been intrigued in wide horizons.  Moreover, the clients trying to access the Cloudflare sites in the affected locations will face an ‘Error 500’ message.  This particular incident affected all data plane services in their network.

The fix had been implemented sometime around 9:15 AM and from then the company is monitoring the results implemented by them to fix the issues.

In the bottom line, Cloudflare has also confirmed that the outage was not caused by any outside attack.

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