Introducing Zoom One – the latest Zoom platform evolution

In its recent series, the Zoom Meetings app is launching a stack of new features for customers comprising a harmonious partnership background which is named Zoom One, as well as upgraded translation and transcription capacities.

Zoom has recently launched Zoom One, a whole new offering with prime features like chat, phone, meetings, and whiteboard capacities in a unified objective-oriented surrounding.

Zoom One: A Dedicated App to Join a Zoom Meeting

Users of the Zoom Meetings App or Zoom One who are diverting towards using this specialized virtual meetings app will certainly be capable to approach Zoom’s collaboration & communication tools and conduct actions like starting a phone call or initiating video calls from a chat message or cooperating on a whiteboard from a Zoom desktop or Zoom room.

It was all mentioned in a press release revealing the launch, Zoom’s President Greg Tomb said that as Zoom grew from just an online meeting app to a completely broad communications platform, it was crystal clear to not that revealing fresh packaging just like Zoom One was certainly the next level planning in the shaping the fortune of company’s lifecycle.

The organization’s President Greg Tomb said “By bringing together chat, phone, meetings, whiteboard, and more in a single offering, we are able to offer our customers solutions that are simple to manage, so they can focus on business issues that matter most.”Introducing Zoom One – the latest Zoom platform evolution

Zoom One Plans: Cost-Effective and Pocket Friendly

The latest version of Zoom One contains 6 tiered plans fully available to the users comprising Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise versions.

  1. Zoom One Basic Plan offers free 40-minute Zoom Meetings for up to 100 participants, endless Zoom Chat for team messaging, limited Zoom Whiteboard for simultaneous as well as non-parallel meetings, and real-time arrangement.
  2. Zoom One Pro offers everything that Zoom One Basic offers but with an extended meeting time with no limits with a cloud-based recording in addition.
  3. Zoom One Business furnishes everything that the Zoom One Pro offers along with Zoom meetings participants population could go up to 300 attendees and endless Zoom Whiteboards.
  4. The high-end plan of Zoom One Business Plus offers every single thing that the Zoom One Business proposes with Zoom Phone Pro feature with infinite provincial calling and Zoom’s all-new latest translation characteristic.
  5. At last the Zoom One Enterprise and Zoom One Enterprise Plus offer every single thing that the Zoom One Business proposes with a broadly extensive meeting capacity and some plus components such as Zoom Webinars, to support modern businesses ranking. Zoom One Enterprise Plus also comprises Zoom Phone Pro with endless provincial calling.

All the plans such as Zoom One Basic, Pro, Business, and Business Plus plans are nicely available for purchase now, priced at $149 per year per user; $199 per year per user; and $250 per year per user respectively.

Multilanguage Captions Features Enabled After Thorough Translation

The broadly used Zoom Meetings app has enabled the thorough translation of the speakers’ language that can be translated and showcased to the meeting participants in 10 broad languages in the form of captions in real-time conversation.  In addition to the captions translation feature, it will be translated among Chinese (simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian upon launch.  The organization is planning to add more languages in the upcoming updates of the app.

Zoom Apps software development kit

Apart from all, the Zoom Meetings App has also revealed this week that the company has unfurled its Zoom Apps developer program to all the developers out there through Zoom Apps SDK (software development kit).

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