Criminals are Changing Their Patterns as More Focus on Cybercrimes

Criminals are Changing Their Patterns

Criminals are Changing Their Patterns as More Focus on Cybercrimes

As per history sheeters, criminals are putting more focus on cybercrimes instead of regular crimes like physical fraud, loot, and dacoity.

In the high-tech era, the method of cybercrime has also changed.  Earlier, miscreants used to commit fraud, loot, and dacoity by intimidating and threatening people with the help of weapons, but now they are targeting people with the help of new technology and electronic devices.  They are easily withdrawing their hard-earned money from their bank accounts and are also escaping from the police.

These cyber fraudsters are so clever that they come to know about the withdrawal of money from the account only when an SMS is received on their mobile regarding the amount being deducted from the account.

What does the criminal of Moradabad have to say?

Among the cyber criminals caught in Moradabad in the last 3 years, 10 such criminals have also come to light, who earlier used to commit other types of crimes.  When the police interrogated the criminals, the thugs confessed that the fear of getting caught in cybercrime was less.

There is always a fear of being caught in incidents of theft or robbery. Therefore, the method of crime has changed to escape from the police.

Cheated Many by Making Nude Videos

Galshaheed police had caught a cyber thug from Rajasthan three years ago.

The criminals had called a businessman from Moradabad on WhatsApp. The accused made a video of the businessman by playing an obscene video on another mobile.  After this, the thugs cheated the businessman.

During police interrogation, a criminal named Vijendra said that he had gone to jail in a theft case.  Therefore, to avoid the police, the way of committing crime changed.

Police had caught cyber thugs in Chhattisgarh on 12 February. There were 7 accused including the kingpin in this gang. Gang leader Suraj Kumar said during interrogation that he along with his partner used to commit cyber fraud by creating IDs on the Mahadev betting app and getting them to play games.

Reduction in Incidents of Murder, Theft and Robbery

  • There has been a thirty percent reduction in the incidents of robbery, theft, and dacoity in the last three years.
  • In the year 2021, 50 murder cases were registered in the district.
  • 35 cases of murder have been registered in the year 2022, while 45 cases of murder have been registered in the year 2023. And 9 incidents of robbery have come to light.

Ways To Avoid Cyber Fraud

  • Do not get lured by any kind of offer
  • Do not respond to calls coming from unknown numbers. Don’t even share your details.
  • Keep the password strong, keep changing it from time to time.
  • If someone threatens to make an obscene video viral, then inform the police about it.
  • In case of cyber fraud, lodge a complaint on helpline number 1930.

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