DIP &Chakshu: The Government Introduces Strong Cybercrime Weapons

DIP &Chakshu

DIP &Chakshu: The Government Introduces Strong Cybercrime Weapons

DoT (Department of Telecommunications) has introduced the Chakshu on Sanchar Saathi and the Digital Intelligence Platform to combat cyber fraud.

In the midst of Minister of State for Communications Devusinh Chauhan, Minister of Communications, Railway, and Electronics & Information Technology AshwiniVaishnaw unveiled the ‘Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP)’ of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to facilitate stakeholder coordination in preventing financial frauds and cybercrime involving the misuse of telecom resources, and the ‘Chakshu (चक्षु)’ facility on the Sanchar Saathi portal. The latter is an innovative initiative that empowers citizens.

In an effort to combat financial fraud and cybercrime more aggressively, the Indian government has introduced the Chakshu and the Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP). The purpose of these initiatives is to enhance accountability among various organizations and empower the public in order to combat these escalating dangers.

What is the Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP)?

DIP is a secure platform that facilitates collaboration and the exchange of information among diverse stakeholders. This includes social media platforms, telecom service providers, law enforcement agencies, institutions, and even government ID-issuing authorities. By exchanging intelligence in real-time, these entities are able to detect and monitor fraudulent activities more effectively.

DIP is not directly for citizens. It functions as a backend system responsible for processing data obtained from citizens via the Sanchar Saathi portal (further details are provided below).

What is the Chakshu facility?

A novel addition to the Sanchar Saathi portal, Chakshu translates to “eye” in Hindi. This user-friendly platform enables individuals to report any suspicious phone calls, text messages, or WhatsApp messages they receive.

The following are some instances of what may be reported:

  • Notifications that your Know Your Customer (KYC) information must be revised,
  • Requests to modify the information on your payment wallet, bank account, or SIM card,
  • Phishing attempts to solicit funds by impersonating government officials or family members,
  • Disconnection threats issued by the Department of Telecommunications, etc.

What occurs following filing a report on Chakshu?

The appropriate authorities will be notified of your report via the DIP platform. They will be able to investigate the matter and take the necessary actions as a result.

What other services are available on Sanchar Saathi?

A variety of services are provided by the Sanchar Saathi portal to assist users in managing their mobile connections and maintaining online safety. There are several actions that can be taken:

  • Report unauthorized mobile connections that are enrolled in your name.
  • In order to block and monitor lost or stolen mobile phones, please report them.
  • Prior to making a purchase, ensure that a new or used mobile phone is authentic.
  • Notify authorities of any suspicious international communications that display an Indian phone number.
  • Verify the information of authorized Internet service providers.

How have the initiatives of the DoT performed thus far?

It seems that the DoT’s initiatives are bearing fruit. They have documented noteworthy achievements in combating cybercrime, which encompasses:

Results of the Diverse DoT Initiatives:

Total Visitors Over 4 Crore
Fraudulent Connections Disconnected 59 Lakh
Mobile Connections Disconnected Based on User Feedback 23 Lakh
Mobile Connections Disconnected for Exceeding Limit 17 Lakh
Mobile Connections Disconnected Based on Inputs from LEAs, Banks, IRCTC, etc. 4 Lakh
Total Disconnections Over 1 Crore
Mobile Handsets Blocked for Involvement in Cyber Crimes 1.5 Lakh
Points of Sale (PoS) Blacklisted 71 Thousand
FIRs Registered 365+
Mobile Handsets Blocked Based on User Requests 14 Lakh
Mobile Handsets Traced and Information Given to State Governments 7 Lakh
Partnership with WhatsApp – Total Accounts Disengaged 3 Lakh
Action Taken by Banks/Payment Wallets – Accounts Frozen 10 Lakh
Total Money of Indian Citizens Saved ₹1,000 Crore


The establishment of Chakshu and DIP exemplifies the Department of Technology’s dedication to establishing a secure digital environment for all. Together, we can combat cybercrime and financial fraud by maintaining a state of constant vigilance, reporting any suspicious activities, and utilizing the provided tools.

Should you have already fallen victim to cybercrime or financial deception, it is advisable that you promptly notify the cybercrime helpline at 1930 or the cybercrime portal established by the government at https://cybercrime.gov.in/.

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