Criticizers made Microsoft in observing the Power Platform’s Security Flaw and Fix it.


After criticism for the delay in patching the issue, Microsoft acknowledged the critical loophole in its Power Platform.

This week, Microsoft (Tech Giant) acknowledged that a security flaw exists in its Power Platform after getting notified of the delay in securing the platform.


30, Mar, 2023

Microsoft was alerted to a vulnerability through “Tenable” (Company) under Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD).

Due to the vulnerability, Power Platform custom connectors have issues using custom code. The mentioned feature allows users to write code for custom connectors.

Microsoft has confirmed that adversaries could target the security flaw to illegally control Custom Code Facility used for Power Platform custom connectors.

If any confidential data were to be embedded in the customs code feature, it could also be in great danger due to the security flaw that has just got found out.

Advisory, Microsoft

“The vulnerability could lead to unauthorized access to Custom Code functions used for Power Platform custom connectors. The potential impact could be unintended information disclosure if secrets or other sensitive information were embedded in the Customs Code function.”

Our investigation into the report identified anomalous access only by the security researcher that reported the incident and no other actors. All impacted customers have been notified of this anomalous access by the researcher through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center (MC665159).

Microsoft recognized that it wasn’t aware of running exploitation of the security flaws wildly.

Tenable (Company)

Due to the exploitation, accessing the cross-tenant apps & confidential data could be easy.

Insufficient access to Azure Function hosts caused this issue launched as part of the making and tasks of custom connectors in Microsoft’s Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automation).”

Several connectors build for the Power Platform use custom C# code to connect & communicate with other features. That code is used as a part of an Azure Feature with an HTTP target. Microsoft installs and manages the Azure Feature. However, this feature is not a part of the consumer’s enterprise.

The professionals defined that the flaw can disrupt OAuth Client IDs, Secrets, and other forms of authentication while connecting with the unsecured Azure Function hosts.

July 6, 2023

Microsoft notified Tenable that the flaw had been patched. However, on 10, Jul, 2023, Tenable confirmed with Microsoft that the patch wasn’t completed.

August 2, 2023

Microsoft installed a patch for the recently victimized hosts. Amit Yoran (CEO, Tenable) accused Microsoft of being reckless, if not hugely ignorant, of the delay in observing this flaw.

Amit Yoran, CEO, Tenable

Amit Yoran, CEO

“What you hear from Microsoft is “just trust us,” but what you get back is very little transparency and a culture of toxic obfuscation. How can a CISO, board of directors, or executive team believe that Microsoft will do the right thing given the fact patterns and current behaviors? Microsoft’s track record puts us all at risk. And it’s even worse than we thought.”


“Not all fixes are equal.  Some can be completed and safely applied very quickly, while others can take longer.  To protect our customers from an exploit of an embargoed security vulnerability, we also start to monitor any reported security vulnerability of active exploitation and move swiftly if we see any active exploit. As both a service provider and a security company, Microsoft appreciates being part of an ecosystem of organizations focused on protecting customers as the highest priority over all other goals.”

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