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Rhode Island, USA:  Hackers have targeted CharterCARE, the third-largest hospital network in Rhode Island( RI Hospital Group) , and ransomware demands have been made.

The most recent data security incident that affected Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc.’s business.  We took our systems offline to secure them after learning of this, and we also started a probe with the assistance of outside cybersecurity experts, said Otis Brown of CharterCARE in an announcement to an independent press.

The online assault started on Wednesday night.  Now, the incident is being looked into by the FBI.

While our inquiry is ongoing, we are concentrated on attending to our patients’ urgent needs while working tirelessly to resume normal business operations as soon as possible, Brown continued.

A Prime Concentration on Healthcare Security

Prospect Medical Holdings, the company that operates CharterCARE, reportedly alleges that other hospitals it owns in numerous other states are also affected.

“This event serves as a clear warning that cybersecurity risks are a genuine concern for healthcare businesses across the country.  Prospect Medical Holdings is not the first healthcare system that has come under attack by those who commit cybercrimes, and sadly, it won’t be the last, either.  To deal with this serious problem, we are collaborating with researchers and law enforcement organizations,” Brown continues.

The emergency departments at CharterCARE hospitals are still accepting walk-in patients.  Unless patients are informed otherwise by their doctor’s office, scheduled surgical operations continue as scheduled, the statement stated.

In an article that was released by Becker’s on June 1, it was said that “Since the beginning of 2023, 15 healthcare organizations managing 29 medical facilities have been attacked by a malware infection incident, BankInfoSecurity reported May 31.”

According to security company Emsisoft, data had been taken from 12 out of the 15 firms during these ransomware assaults, according to Becker’s

According to Brett Callow, a security analyst at Emsisoft, “Hospitals frequently minimize the consequences of cyberattacks, but they pose an extremely serious threat to patient data safety — and that’s probably particularly true when patients in dire need of emergency care are redirected.”

“A data leak now costs $7 million on average.  5.5 million individuals’ confidential medical data was a target of a cyberattack in the initial 60 days of 2023,” according to David Ting’s article in Chief Healthcare Executive.

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