Cyber Fraud

Cyber Fraud

Cyber Fraudster duped in Police Uniform via Video Call

There is a victim who has been duped of ₹ 3 Lakh in a cyber fraud by 3 fraudsters including a woman via call. The victim works in Pharma Company in Borivali West. The fraudster informed the victim that his document has been misused and they have to register a case and the victim has to pay money if he wants to save himself.

Misused of Adhar Card

The victim has registered a complaint at Police Station Borivali West. He explained in FIR that he received a call from a woman Swati Patil on 7the April and She was introducing herself that she is calling from Delhi Office Passport.

She told him to take out his Aadhar card to identify. She Correctly told him all information that is mentioned in the Aadhar card except Passport information because the victim had no passport and he has never been abroad. 

The Fraudster lady told the victim that he had been to Thailand on 30th March and did some illegal work in Thailand. The passport office received a complaint from the immigration department. The victim denied that he had no passport and he has never been abroad. then the fraudster said to his documents had been misused by someone. The woman said to the victim that she has to write a letter and post it to the Delhi Crime Branch. 

3 Fraudsters Including a Woman convinced to Pay ₹ 3 Lakh

According to the FIR, the complainant received a video call from another fraudster to help him in police form and he introduced himself that he is from the cybercrime branch. Another fraudster’s name is Sunil Kumar Naik. he sent a link and asked the victim to open the link and check whether the case is registered against him or not. As the complainant opens the link, the page got open and there was an arrest warrant against him for drugs, money laundering, and human trafficking.

It was written in an arrest warrant that he must be arrested soon, and his property and his family properties will be seized. Another fraudster Naik made him speak to senior Ashutosh Patel who was the third fraudster. He said he has to file an FIR for which money will be needed. The fraudster tasked him to pay Rs 3 lakh and said this money will be refunded in 49 hours. As he paid ₹ 3 lakh, he received a clearance certificate on WhatsApp. The complainant waited for 49 hours but he didn’t receive his amount back. Post this the victim was calling him again and again but no one received the call.

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