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What is Github?

Github is the website where users learn to build software for storing, collaborating, and tracking software projects.

Github Found the Secret Where Fraudsters Access the Victim’s private Data.

OAuth Tokens
OAuth Tokens

Github noted that all victim of an attack campaign has an unauthorized party with the help of a third-party OAuth User token user maintained by Heroku and Travis.“Customer should keep an eye to monitor Heroku and Travis Cl for updates on their own investigations into the affected Oauth applications, “the company said in an updated post.

There is an incident that occurred on April 12, when Github stated that A malicious actor had leveraged the OAuth user tokens issued to Heroku and Travis-Cl to download from dozens of organizations, including NPM.

Heroku has supported Github and recommended that users have the option of integrating their app deployments with Git or other Version control providers like Gitlab or Bitbucket.

Heroku is a platform as a service where developer learns to build application in cloud computing. 

Cyber Attackers breached the Heroku service and accessed a private application’s OAuth key which is used to integrate Heroku and Travis Vl apps. But the Travis told that no evidence has been found in a private customer repository. Actors who were threatening to find unwanted source code access.” The company said Travis CI destroyed all private customer OAuth keys and tokens and integrate Travis CI with GitHub to confirm that no data is compromised”,” the company said.

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