Online Cyber Fraud

5 people have been arrested by Delhi Police for online fraud. They duped many gullible people online in the name of loans. Fraudsters promise to give loans with free interest for initial 2 months then they hack the victim’s relative’s number and asked for money more than offering a loan amount to people.

Actually, there is a person who is from Kolkata who filed a complaint on 15th March that many fake calls are coming to his relatives and friends from the national and international numbers and fraudsters are asking him to return the loan amount which he has not taken ever. Cyber fraudsters threaten and use obscene language. Police lodged a complaint after hearing from the victim.

Fraudsters use WhatsApp numbers to call gullible people. They were using fake numbers which were from Assam and West Bengal. Delhi Police tracked their location and found them via a money transfer gateway. One fraudsters name Sonu was arrested in Delhi first who is from Bijwasan in Delhi.

5 Fraudsters were arrested and investigations are still going on.

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