Cyber Thugs Tried To WhatsApp Fraud People Using UP DGP Prashant Kumar’s DP, Police Alerted

Cyber Thugs Tried To WhatsApp Fraud

Cyber Thugs Tried To WhatsApp Fraud People Using UP DGP Prashant Kumar’s DP, Police Alerted

Cyber fraudsters use various tactics to defraud people. Now a unique case of cyber crime has come to light in Uttar Pradesh. The thugs did not spare even the Director General of Police (DGP) to trap people. UP Police itself has given information about this and has warned people about fraud.

According to this, people are being asked for money on WhatsApp by putting the photo of UP DGP Prashant Kumar.

Uttar Pradesh Police has said in the statement that the photo of the Director General of Police in uniform is being misused. Some unruly elements are asking money from people inappropriately by putting DP on WhatsApp.

Police have informed that the DGP does not use the photo of him wearing uniform in the DP of WhatsApp on his personal or government number.

Thestatement further said that no demand was made from WhatsApp to anyone. Legal action is being taken regarding the matter. If anyone receives such a message or receives information, then inform the police. This information can also be given on @uppolice.

How To Avoid WhatsApp Fraud?

  • If someone asks for money, check whether the number is correct or not.
  • Check the language of the message and the manner of conversation.
  • To know the truth of the matter, call the number or contact the person differently.
  • Don’t let the swindler pressure you; Think logically.
  • Ask the fraud a question whose answer only your friend or acquaintance knows when in doubt.
  • Secure voicemail with a personal code.
  • Never send a verification code without first asking.
  • Set up “2-Factor Authentication” on WhatsApp.

What To Do If You Have Become A Victim of Fraud?

If you have been a victim of WhatsApp fraud, it is important not to panic and report the incident to your bank and the police. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to get your money back.  For this, these things will have to be done as soon as possible.

Recovery from wire transfers is difficult and online payment services or apps can complicate the process.  Even if a refund is not issued, the bank will investigate the fraudulent claim for the protection of customers and to prevent future fraud.

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