WhatsApp Hacking: One Phone Call and WhatsApp Hack, No OTP or Verification Required

WhatsApp Hacking

WhatsApp Hacking: One Phone Call and WhatsApp Hack, No OTP or Verification Required

If you use WhatsApp, then you need to be careful, because just one phone call can get your WhatsApp hacked.  This phone call is coming from many other countries including the US. The surprising thing is that there is no need to share any OTP or other details.

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is an important messaging platform, where you do personal as well as professional chatting.  Also, your photos, videos, and other important documents are available on WhatsApp.  To target this, a new type of hacking tool has come on the market, in which you get a phone call, and then your WhatsApp gets logged in on another device.

WhatsApp is Being Hacked Without OTP

A similar complaint about WhatsApp hacking has been made by SakshiVerma, who is a resident of Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. According to Sakshi, a phone call came on her phone around 12 in the night, which was from a US number. After picking up this phone call, the phone gets disconnected, after which their WhatsApp gets logged out.

Sakshi says that since then she has been trying to login to WhatsApp several times. But her WhatsApp Account is not logging in.  According to Sakshi, she is being asked for two-factor authentication, whereas someone else’s email has been registered for two-factor authentication, due to which the verification code is going to someone else.  In such a situation, she is not able to login to her WhatsApp.

Account Not Logging In

Sakshi has complained about WhatsApp hacking on the WhatsApp complaint portal, but even after that, no special help has been received. She has received a message that she will be able to access her WhatsApp login within the next 7 days. However, Sakshi is very scared about using WhatsApp after this incident.

What Not To Do?

  • Do not receive any unknown calls from suspicious numbers.
  • Do not accept calls from with country codes other than India. i.e. +91. For example, the USA (+1), Nigeria (+234), Pakistan (+92), Nepal (+977), or any other country.
  • It would be better if you accept calls coming from +91, which is India’s code.
  • Do not share OTPs or any other sensitive details with anyone.

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