Cyberattack on HCA Healthcare

Due to a severe cyberattack, HCA Healthcare faced a data breach of patients’ data of around 11 Million.

This week, Healthcare cleared that a huge amount of data has been breached, around 11 million, which was related to center patients.

The company found out about the data breach on Jul, 5, 2023, when an adversary said he had hacked into the healthcare center’s database and posted it on an underground forum.

HCA Healthcare

As evidence of the crime, the adversary posted some stuff over the platform, such as.

  1. Patient Name,
  2. City,
  3. State & Zip Code,
  4. Patient Email,
  5. Telephone Number,
  6. Date of Birth,
  7. Gender,
  8. Patient Service Date,
  9. Location and
  10. Next Appointment Date.

The data was stolen from a separate storage system that only automates email message formatting.

In the cyberattack, there was not a single piece of data related to the clinical, payment, & sensitive data of the following list was found out.

  1. Treatment,
  2. Diagnosis,
  3. Condition
  4. Credit Card
  5. Account Numbers
  6. Passwords,
  7. Driver’s Licenses, or
  8. Social Security Numbers.

The security compromise was looked into by HCA Healthcare with the assistance of outside forensic and threat intelligence advisors. Law enforcement was also alerted by the company, and the investigation is currently going on. The company has not yet found any proof of malicious activity on its networks or systems connected to this incident as of the time of publication.

HCA Healthcare

“We do NOT believe that clinical information (such as treatment, diagnosis, or condition), payment information (such as credit card or account numbers), or other sensitive information (such as passwords, driver’s license or social security number) is involved.”

“The investigation is ongoing, and we cannot confirm the number of individuals whose information was impacted. HCA Healthcare believes that the list contains approximately 27 million rows of data that may include information for approximately 11 million HCA Healthcare patients.

There has been no disruption to the care and services HCA Healthcare provides to patients and communities. This incident has not caused any disruption to the day-to-day operations of HCA Healthcare. Based on the information known at this time, the company does not believe the incident will materially impact its business, operations, or financial results.”

HCA Healthcare disabled user access to the storage area in reaction to the incident.

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