Thousands of Employees & Students victimized in a Cyberattack on NYC DOE

Cyberattack on NYC DOE

The largest school district in the country was the target of a cyberattack. Around thousands of staff members & kids at the New York City Public Schools had their private data breached.

John Liu, State Senator, New York

“It’s a very serious concern. Not only is vital staff information exposed, but children’s information,”

Liu, the New York City Education Committee chairperson, discussed the most recent cyberattacks on the Education Department with PIX11 News.

A “Moveit” vulnerability in one of the DOE’s third-party file transfer systems was exploited in the cyberattack.

This most recent cyberattack has not yet been assigned an adversary, but it impacts the DOE and several other govt. org and sizable commercial firms countrywide.

Progress Software, the parent company of Moveit, initially announced the breach on June 15, 2023, and then provided an update with additional details on Wednesday.

The DOE was the target of a cyberattack last year, although this most recent intrusion is smaller. However, it also contains a breach of 19,000 illegally accessed data that affect 45,000 students, an unspecified number of DOE employees, social security numbers, dates of birth, and employee IDs.

According to the DOE, different people have different types of leaked data, and not everyone’s social security number was affected. Additionally, the government employed an e-discovery company to carry out a thorough study, which on Friday yielded initial findings.

Cyberattack on NYC DOE

DOE Spokesperson, PIX11 News

“We promptly resolved the situation while collaborating with NYC Cyber Command. A thorough internal examination identified the impacted DOE files. We currently have no grounds for suspicion that there is persistent unauthorized access to DOE systems. I think DOE officials and city hall recognize that this is a key issue that must be addressed, and they must decide what they require.”

Senator Liu is nevertheless still worried.

Professor Damon Petraglia, New Haven College

“The revelation of private student data due to this hack is quite alarming. The social security number allows you to open accounts under someone else’s name. Children are vulnerable because you don’t realize they’ve accumulated these bad credit scores for years until they ask for a credit card or loan and discover they have these bad credit ratings.”

The DOE says the impacted individuals will be offered access to identity monitoring services and that notification of those whose information was exposed will start this summer.

PIX11 News

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