Hacking Twitter Accounts

Twitter Accounts

An American court has sentenced a British man to prison for using high-profile Twitter accounts as tools in a Bitcoin scam. In July 2020, Liverpool native Joseph O’Connor took control of over 130 accounts, including.

  1. Elon Musk,
  2. Barack Obama, and
  3. Joe Biden.

The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to hacking charges last month.

Hacking Twitter Accounts


Friday, United States Attorney’s Office, Southern District, New York.

For cyberattacks, he received a five-year term.

The hacking was a component of a significant Bitcoin hoax that involved tweets requesting Bitcoin from followers in exchange for a promise to double their money.

The fraud led to the viewing of questionable tweets from the official accounts of some of the top Twitter users, including Apple, Uber, Kanye West, and Bill Gates, by an estimated 350 million people. Several people were tricked into thinking a crypto giveaway was legitimate.

Hacking Twitter Accounts


O’Connor, aka PlugwalkJoe, was caught and moved from Spain to the US in April, an earlier month. He was accused of cyberattacks that he carried out and was sentenced to 70+ years.

Moreover, 3 other men were accused of a scam, and US teenager Graham Clark was also accused of participating in the deceit in 2021.

The hackers called a select group of Twitter employees. They used a plausible story to persuade them to divulge their internal login information, ultimately giving the hackers access to Twitter’s administration tools.

Hacking Twitter Accounts

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