Beware: A Growing ‘Courier Scam’ Is Defrauding Thousands Of Students

Courier Scam

The most recent victim of the “Courier Scam” was a learner at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru, who lost ₹1,34,650/-.

BENGALURU:  Online offenders are deceiving people into setting up a “pink-themed version” of Meta-owned WhatsApp at the same time that they are convincing people to “like YouTube videos and earn money” and focusing on young people with “Courier Scams” and “Parcel Scams” schemes.  Although “Courier Fraud” or “Courier Scam” have been prevalent for some time, they are currently becoming more common.  According to a report by Indian Express, a student from Bengaluru was the most recent victim of the courier scam and was defrauded of ₹1.34 lakh.

The perpetrators of the courier scam pretend to be police officers and CBI agents and prey on young people by informing them that a courier or package containing illegal goods has been delivered in their name and threatening them with consequences if they do not pay up.

A Ph.D. candidate at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru reported the theft of ₹1,34,650 to the Police on June 23.  According to the submitted complaint, the 30-year-old admitted to the Police that she received a call pretending to be a FedEx employee informing her that a package bearing her name had arrived carrying prohibited materials and that identity theft had taken place.

A 20-year-old student reported the same occurrence to the Police in Bengaluru earlier in May, alleging that she had been defrauded of ₹98,600 after becoming alarmed and fearing she had been trapped in a criminal network due to a courier which had come in her name.

In order to “manipulate” the target and obtain Aadhaar, bank account information, and other identity credentials via a Skype call, the perpetrators in the courier scam pose as police officers and members of the narcotics department.  They even request a money transfer from the victim under the guise of returning it and telling them that it is refundable.

Remember how last week Nithin Kamath, the co-founder of the retail brokerage platform Zerodha, alerted the public to a “fresh fraud in the brand names of FedEx, Blue Dart, and various other courier companies”?  The 43-year-old businessman claimed that con artists were pretending to be members of the CBI and crime branch in order to dupe people into believing false allegations.  In a Twitter thread, Kamath described the event with the guy posing as a FedEx representative.

Kamath encouraged users to respond with “I will get my lawyer to speak to you” in a similar circumstance.  He emphasized the need to avoid panicking and behaving rashly because fraudsters typically target people who do just that.  Many Twitter users thanked Kamath for drawing attention to these fraudsters’ schemes and shared their own accounts of similar occurrences.

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