Making money will lose you money due to Online Scams. Continuously Raising!

Online Scams

Scams like “earn ₹10,000/ day” will leave the victim in a devastating state, which comes from Facebook and other Social media platforms. It’s one of the cruelest ways to attract someone’s attention to getting trapped.

These fake scams are made with the name of big companies intentionally to make the victim follow the trap without any doubt. Even IT Experts get conned by the conman online for easy and fast money.

In the previous year, 815 cyberfraud money laundering cases were reported in the state. Till this year’s April, cases surpassed 438.

These traps are established via social media advertisements and unapproved lending apps from the Reserve Bank.

As the deadline for connecting an Aadhaar number with a PAN card approaches, another fraud is widely practiced. Your account will immediately be empty if you provide your Aadhaar number and OTP.

Online Scams. Continuously Raising

How will you lose money?

  • Advertisement saying you can make a lot of money each day. You will be given an assignment when you click the link.
  • To deposit the money, if you are successful, you must provide the bank account number.
  • Even rating an English film will get you Rs 50 for the effort.
  • Anytime is a good time to provide the rating. Money will flow appropriately.
  • By first depositing money, they will gain your trust. The entire sum of money will then be taken away.
  • Also exploited for fraud is the OLX app.

Loan Apps

Here, Loan Apps that the Reserve Bank rejects are another hazard. For obscene interest, money will be deposited into the account. The payback schedule will alter if it is postponed by one day. Fraudsters will modify the photographs and send nude messages if they gain access to the app installer’s phone contacts and gallery.

The threat of releasing the image will follow if the requested payment is not made within the allotted period. The majority of individuals pay out of fear.

Online Fraud Cases

2016 – 283

2017 – 320

2018 – 340

2019 – 307

2020 – 426

2021 – 626

2022 – 815

2023 (up to April) – 438

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