A huge Cyber Fraud Racket got down by Guwahati Police in Assam.

A huge Cyber Fraud Racket got down

The confiscated items include – SIM Cards, Mobile Phones, Laptops, and Counterfeit College Stamps. The case is ‘ON’

Guwahati City Police caught a huge cyber fraud racket in a certain case which caused the arrest of 3 accused while seizing several items.

With the support of the information provided by the Crime Branch, police ran a raid at Builtwell Apartment near Jama Masjid, Kalyanpur.

While the police ran the investigation, the law enforcement authorities confiscated several things from the crime scene.

  1. 58 Airtel SIM cards,
  2. 3 Jio SIM cards,
  3. 107 Idea SIM cards,
  4. 634 Vodafone SIM cards,
  5. 12 different sets of mobile phones,
  6. 2 laptops,
  7. 2 memory cards (32 GB & 8 GB),
  8. 10 ATM cards, and
  9. Stamps from many colleges (Bihar, Bangalore, and Assam (5 in total).)

Guwahati Police


Moreover, the police got 239 Gpay UPI Scanners. The names of the accused criminals from Morigaon and South Salmara-Mankachar districts are as follows.

  1. Sheikhuddin (24),
  2. Inzamamul Islam (26), and
  3. Wakibul Islam (23).


The fraud campaign was aimed at obtaining loans from online lending platforms via forged documents. They specially prepared the fabricated documents to aim at the student loans. In the investigation, cops found out the following items from various colleges, further proving the accusation over the accused at the crime scene.

  1. College Stamps,
  2. Printer,
  3. Photo Papers,
  4. College Mark Sheets, and
  5. Documents

Fraudsters got SIM cards from various providers allowing the creation of online bank accounts and physical ones. Thus, they submitted the docs to banks for acquiring loans. Officials pen down a case against 3 people under IPC sections, accordingly.

The case is still on to disclose other connections and possible partners in the cyber fraud case. This case has provided the commitment of the Guwahati police to solving cases related to cybercrime and securing the public’s money.

The confiscation of huge amounts of items and the arrest of fraudsters have put a warning for emerging fraudster groups in the area.

This action of the police has hindered the criminal’s work in restoring users’ trust in online lending platforms and financial bodies.

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