Top 25 Hacking Movies in the World of “ALL TIME”

hacking movies

Every year, the news hits a new topic that catches the heat too fast, and nowadays, the “HOT TOPIC” is “HACKING.” But do you know why such things are flying faster? That is because the information and technology industry is berserking on every edge of the digital world.

Hacking has become a hot topic because many people are losing money in cyberattacks executed by adversaries running cyber attack campaigns wildly. Nobody knows who would be the new target.

Several skillful hackers have turned down the tide and bound businesses in a trap of ransom games. How the hell do businesses come out of such traps? For that, you can do a lot of things to know about hacking. However, one of the best ways for that is to see it digitally. An example of such a resource is Hacking Movies.

With time a lot of movies were released with the agenda of cyber awareness. However, it’s hard to choose which one is suitable for you. Now the sad era of all the time sees differences in content.

According to a lot of research, they like movies having romance, comedy, tragedy, and the most cruelest, “Suspicion & Thriller.” Now, one of the examples of “Suspicion & Thriller” is Hacking Movies that comes with great stories and messages to learn from the whole cases performed in the “film.”

For you, some of the best movies chosen specifically are as follows.

● Tron (1982) (1)

This is the story of a hacker fighting opposition to a big bad company. The movie tells a story about a computer genius whose work was breached by a firm’s executive. To stop it, MC hacks into the system to get evidence of the theory.

Rather, he transverse into an online world, and he must fight via the story online. You must give it a shot. Moreover, a sequel of this story came around as “Tron: Legacy” in 2010.

● WarGames (1983) (2)

The WarGames was released during the Cold War. It covers the story of a high schooler who trespassed into the United States Air Force’s Missile Launch System. Through that, MC got in trouble, from FBI Agenest detaining him to being a prime suspect of Russian Forces trying to get a hold of the U.S. No more time waste. Hook into it now!

● Sneakers (1992) (3)

It emerged from the story about computer hackers. However, in real life, you know them as Pentesters. Martin (MC) runs a tech team providing pentesting services for firms. Via his business, he finds out he’s in great trouble after stealing many powerful tools, which are not easy to get.

His group had to deal with black hat hackers who continuously targeted Martin’s team via tricks & straight physical coercion. You must have a look at it.

● Hackers (1995) (4)

1995, the year “Hackers” was released. The story falls around a bunch of high school hackers driving via an unwanted corporate extortion conspiracy. In the 90s, it was a classic. Moreover, the film covers almost every noteworthy hacker incident from that period. Ex – Hacker Manifesto in the late 80s.

● The Matrix (1999) (5)

The Matrix’s story only portrays hacking during a few scenes. Mainly focused on neurological man-in-the-middle attacks, this film focuses on some computer overloads that use this method to extort people.

The movie surely comes around some hacking scenes as it advances. Ex – using a phone to teleport themselves from one place to another. Sounds like something crazy. Moreover, the film offered the viewers great work of technology and hacking.

● Takedown (2000) (6)

This movie was strangled around controversy, false claims, and lawsuits after release. The narrative follows Kevin Mitnick, the most well-known hacker, until his final arrest.

In light of this, the elements of this story more closely resemble a Hollywood fantasy story than a made-up account of Mitnick’s arrest. The reviews for this hacking film are mixed, with some criticizing its inaccurate depiction of the profession and others praising its thrilling moments.

An interesting narrative of one of the most well-known hackers of all time, but a contentious hacker movie to be included on the list.

● Swordfish (2001) (7)

Who was in charge of the character’s hair and makeup for John Travolta in the campy, popcorn flick blockbuster Swordfish? Computer cracker Stanley (Hugh Jackman) is pushed to his breaking point by a wealthy, powerful, and brutal crime boss.

He participates in one of the numerous heists to steal billions of dollars in idle government funding. The coding in this film appears reasonably accurate and visually beautiful, going along with the novel idea of this underground cyber-community, Swordfish.

● The Italian Job (2003) (8)

Although hacking only makes up a minor amount of The Italian Job, it provided one of the earliest accurate representations of hacking in the twenty-first century.

Spoiler warning: One of the key characters in the movie, Lyle, hacks into the traffic management systems of the city. In the iconic robbery sequence from the movie, he uses this to manage all traffic and open the way for the getaway vehicles.

The movie cuts back and forth between this Fast-and-Furious-style shot of Lyle typing away on his computer and flashes of the traffic controller’s office that steadily descends into mayhem as it tracks the three getaway automobiles.

Although Lyle’s portrayal depicts hackers as filthy computer-loving nerds, the notion of an infrastructure vulnerability is undoubtedly plausible.

● The IT Crowd (2006) (9)

Since its debut in 2006, The IT Crowd has earned a spot on the list of “top-rated” cybersecurity series. The audience is intrigued by the different hacks that occur during the series. The film’s comedic undertone also contributes to its appeal.

● Live Free or Die Hard (2007) (10)

Live Free or Die Hard, the most action-packed film on this list, is a great addition to the Die Hard series that deserves to be on this list since it is so much fun and exciting. When John McClane (Bruce Willis) receives another routine assignment, he brings in a young computer hacker for interrogation.

Still, he ultimately utilizes his abilities against a more dangerous adversary who poses a threat to American society by hacking the country’s computer network. The primary antagonist, played by Timothy Olyphant, is a captivating figure and an excellent example of what computer knowledge can do when it’s in the wrong hands, even if this film isn’t really focused on the hacking component.

● Social Network (2010) (11)

The narrative of the intriguing cybersecurity film Social Network is centered around Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. It covers more than simply Mark’s creation of a multibillion-dollar corporation; it also covers real friendship, love, betrayal, etc. a variety that is surely interesting to observe!

● The Thieves (2012) (12)

This Korean heist movie centers on a bunch of burglars who band together to commit a theft in Macau. A tremendous box office hit in Korea, and the film stars an all-star cast, including Kim Yoon-Seok and Jun Ji-Hyun.

The movie is renowned for its creative plot, cool action sequences, and excellent cast work. It tells the tale of a group of thieves that are assembled by a shady character dubbed Yenicall (Jun Ji-Hyun) to steal a priceless diamond from a Macau casino.

Popeye, a seasoned thief (Kim Yoon-Seok), Zampano, a pickpocket (Kim Hye-soo), and a handful of younger thieves make up the group. They must maneuver through a web of betrayal and double-crosses to pull off the heist.

But they quickly realize that nothing is what it seems. Overall, fans of crime dramas and thrillers should definitely see The Thieves because it is a very entertaining and well-made movie.

● The Fifth Estate (2013) (13)

The Fifth Estate, based on Julian Assange and his background in global politics, is a tiresome recounting of the history of this contentious WikiLeaks founder. Julian (Benedict Cumberbatch) teams up with a colleague named Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Daniel Brühl) to establish a journalism organization to uncover nefarious activities by the government.

Although it’s not the best hacker movie per se, Cumberbatch offers a strong performance, and the story’s genuine aspects make it quite compelling.

● CitizenFour (2014) (14)

This film tells the iconic tale of Edward Snowden and his initial revelation to the media of a contentious NSA espionage operation.

The movie gives a thorough account of how Snowden, who was at first only known online as CitizenFour, got in touch with journalists to reveal the bombshell revelation of massive American government eavesdropping.

Snowden observed the disturbing scale of data collecting conducted by the US Government personally while working as an infrastructure analyst for the National Threat Operations Center before the leak. Snowden exposes the alarming evidence of government overreach, becoming a whistleblower and warning the public.

The movie tackles one of the most significant topics extremely relevant to hacking and cybersecurity, mass monitoring, even though it only offers a high-level overview rather than detailed hacking scenarios.

In addition, it’s a wonderful movie pick for anyone interested in hacking, cybersecurity, or individual freedoms, with a whopping 96% acceptance rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

● The Con Artists (2014) (15)

It describes many con artists working together to steal a priceless treasure from a museum. Ko Chang-seok and Kim Woo-bin star in the movie, which received praise for its well-written narrative and strong performances.

It tells the tale of Hwang Ji-sung, a brilliant con man played by Ko Chang-Seok, who is hired by a gang of criminals to assist them in stealing a priceless antique treasure from a museum. Park Woong-chul (Kim Woo-bin), a competent hacker, and other experienced con artists are part of the organization.

They must maneuver through a web of lies and betrayals as they try to pull off the heist. But they quickly grasp that nothing is what it seems. You won’t want to miss this movie if you like criminal dramas and thrillers.

● Scorpion (2014) (16)

The protagonist of the US cybersecurity series Scorpion is a hacker with the brains to break into NASA’s networks. Later, this genius forms a community with other tech nerds to fight cybercrimes.

● The Imitation Game (2014) (17)

The amount of work put into conveying the intended message in this well-known cybersecurity and hacking film astonished everyone. A mathematician’s flawless talent is the center of this narrative.

● Who Am I (2014) (18)

Who Am I is a film that, to put it simply, plays with established movie clichés in a unique way that allows it to stand out from the crowd. It may be described as Fight Club meets a German heist film.

Tom Schilling’s character, Benjamin, joins a group of cyber experts to form a hacker club that aims to be the best of the best to establish himself in the hacker scene. The innovative manner this movie depicts interactions between hackers online sets it apart from other films.

A subway car full of masked people with 3D text fields linked to them and doors between rail cars that stand in for firewalls and security measures.

● Silicon Valley (2014 -2019) (19)

The US-based cybersecurity and hacking series Silicon Valley presents a humorous view of the technology world with start-ups and businesses modeled by actual organizations and businesses. This bizarre yet compelling story is really worth seeing.

● Blackhat (2015) (20)

Chris Hemsworth portrayed Nicholas Hathaway, a convicted computer hacker, in Blackhat before taking on the role of the mythical deity Thor.

A cyberattack on the Chicago Mercantile Trade Exchange signals the film’s beginning. As a result of this incident, the FBI becomes involved, and Hemsworth’s character, Mr. Hathaway, is recruited to the team to stop the attackers.

Hathaway plays the rising star of a fallen hero throughout the entire film. Hathaway might be the only person who can stop the risky motivation driving these cyberattacks.

● TV show: Mr. Robot (2015) (21)

One of the most realistic descriptions of how hacking truly functions can be found in the television show Mr. Robot. The show centers around cybersecurity engineer and hacker Elliot Alderson, who is engaged in a cyberwar with one of the biggest and most evil organizations in the world.

According to IMDB, the fascinating series is among the top TV shows of all time and is definitely worth seeing for any computer fan.

Keep in mind that Hollywood frequently gets hacking wrong when portraying it. While some succeed more than others, it’s not always the case that the director’s desire to entertain viewers coincides with conveying a truthful picture of what it’s like to be a hacker.

● Inside Men (2015) (22)

It centers on a group of individuals who scheme to rob a dishonest politician of a sizable quantity of money. The movie, which features Lee Byung-hun and Baek Yoon-sik, was a box office and critical triumph in Korea.

The film’s plot centers on a gang of individuals who resolve to steal a sizable sum of money from corrupt politician Ahn Sang-goo (Baek Yoon-sik) as retaliation. Woo Jang-hoon (Lee Byung-hun), a skilled hacker named Lee Kang-hee (Jo Jin-Woong), and Jang Dong-Chul (Yoo Hae-jin), a former investigator, are among the members of the group. They must maneuver through peril and deceit to pull off the heist.

Excellent acting from the ensemble and a cleverly devised plot keeps viewers wondering until the very end of the thrilling and fascinating movie Inside Men. Therefore, this is a movie that you won’t want to miss if you like political thrillers and heist movies.

● Master (2016) (23)

A gang of robbers schemes to steal a sizable sum of money from a casino. The movie, which features Lee Byung-hun and Kang Dong-won, was a box office and critical triumph in Korea.

The plot of the film centers on a bunch of burglars who are hired by a shady character named Kim Jae-myung (Lee Byung-hun) to rob a casino of a sizable quantity of money. A crew of clever robbers and a proficient hacker named Jang Dong-Chul (Kang Dong-won) make up the group.

The movie “Master” moves quickly and is really entertaining. It has stylish action scenes, a clever plot, and top-notch performances from the actors. You won’t want to miss this movie if you like criminal dramas and heist movies.

● The Swindlers (2017) (24)

Jang Chang-Won’s directed “The Swindlers” story goes around a swindlers’ group who come together to pull down a corrupt businessman via an explained heist. Yoo Ji-Tae (MC) is a skilled conman with a cool & witty mind.

The character development of the actors adds depth to the story as they drive the complex web of lies & alliances. Moreover, the story shows the luxurious & deceptive elite world.

● Black Mirror (2018) (25)

The movie shows the darker side of society’s obsession over technology, and the story comes around future tech, which can not only provide better lives to mankind but also destroy them completely without any doubt.


Ultimately, these movies are fun, adventurous, and thrilling, which can also give you a pinch of knowledge about hacking. How do hackers work hard to access someone’s system or network? You will learn much about hackers’ daily life and the knowledge gathering about the latest hacking techniques with a problem-solving attitude. You must look at these amazing movies, which are produced to give you a go through the hacking world. What are you waiting for? Stream on!


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