5 Members of a Cyber-Scam Gang were Caught in Delhi and Niwari by the Cyber Crime Branch

5 Members of a Cyber-Scam Gang

5 Members of a Cyber-Scam Gang were Caught in Delhi and Niwari by the Cyber Crime Branch

Bhopal:  On Tuesday, the cybercrime branch of the Bhopal police department announced that it had arrested five members of a gang that had deceived citizens by putting fraudulent advertisements for iPhones at low costs.

After a year of deception, the police were able to apprehend the suspects from Delhi and Niwari, putting an end to their scheme.  According to the authorities, the gang had established an Instagram page in order to promote iPhones at rates that were impossible to believe.

For the purpose of evading detection, the group conducted their business from rented accommodations, and they used fictitious bank accounts, WhatsApp numbers, and phone numbers for their transactions.

According to the Assistant Director of Criminal Procedure (ADCP) Shailendra Singh Chouhan, the occurrence was brought to light on May 13 when a resident of Bhopal submitted a complaint with the Department of Cybercrime.

Under the guise of customs duties, refunds, and other costs, she went through the process of being robbed of ₹1,88,999.

Cyber police were able to identify the individuals who were using the WhatsApp number and Instagram ID, and they apprehended them.  The following items were taken into custody: 7 mobile phones, 11 SIM cards, 2 bank passbooks, 5 cheque books, and 10 ATM cards.

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