CERT-In and Mastercard Enter MoU to Strengthen India’s Financial Sector Against Cyber Threats


CERT-In and Mastercard Enter MoU to Strengthen India’s Financial Sector Against Cyber Threats

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) and Mastercard have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in an effort to bolster the cybersecurity posture of India’s financial industry. This action was the result of a collaborative effort between the two organizations. In the fight against cyber dangers, this collaboration represents a significant step toward increased information exchange and cooperation through the use of the internet.

CERT-In, which is the national organization for responding to cyber incidents and is under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, will collaborate with Mastercard in order to use their combined knowledge. The areas of concentration for this cooperation are as follows:

Incident Response for Cybersecurity Both organizations will work together to enhance their ability to effectively respond to cyber incidents that have an impact on the financial sector.

The capacity-building initiative will involve CERT-In and Mastercard working together to run training programs and workshops with the goal of providing financial institutions with the most up-to-date information and best practices in the field of cybersecurity.

Intelligence Sharing Regarding Cyber Threats It will be essential to share important cyber threat trends, technical information, and vulnerability reports in order to proactively address possible attacks.

Analysis of Advanced Malware: The collaboration on advanced malware analysis will further improve India’s defenses in the financial industry.

Government Emphasizes the Importance of Cybersecurity

Jitin Prasada, who serves as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as well as the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, emphasized the government’s dedication to guaranteeing the safety of digital platforms.

He made the following statement: “Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance, and the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed to protecting people during their time spent online.”  Not only will the entities involved gain from this partnership, but the general public will also benefit from it. This collaboration marks a significant milestone.

In order to strengthen the financial ecosystem, Mastercard provides its expertise.

Gautam Aggarwal, who serves as the President of Mastercard’s South Asia Division, emphasized the company’s excitement about the prospective partnership.  According to what he said, “Mastercard’s security approach provides its partners and customers with greater adaptability and deeper insights into cyber risks.”

When it comes to protecting systems, we make use of the most recent AI technologies.  It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with CERT-In to strengthen India’s financial digital ecosystem, which is a significant contributor to the economy of the country.

This partnership between CERT-In and Mastercard is a proactive strategy to protect India’s financial industry from the ever-evolving cyber dangers that are currently in existence. Both organizations have the goal of establishing a more robust and secure digital ecosystem for the nation’s financial sector by integrating their respective areas of expertise and encouraging the exchange of information.

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