Cybercriminals con customers under the guise of clearing courier packages in Dehradun.

Cybercriminals con customers

Dehradun: Cyber fraudsters are now posing as courier company employees to con individuals under the guise of clearing their packages in a new method of operation.

In a minimum of two of these cases, which have been recorded in Dehradun over the past four days, the individuals lodging complaints who were supposed to get their packages from different courier services were conned by con artists who called them and said that their packages were stuck because of a technical problem.

They were then instructed to click on a link emailed to their phone numbers and send a small sum of money, between Rs. 3 and 5.  Because they clicked the URL and transferred the money after engaging them, the complainants granted the scammers access to their bank information.  Then they moved money from their bank accounts fraudulently.

Under the pretext of confidentiality, a state cyber cell official stated, “Both crimes were reported to the city’s Raipur police station.  An individual named Harish Bijalwan was duped of ₹73,000 after he paid ₹5 via a URL supplied by the unnamed accused in one of the complaints filed on Thursday.  In the other instance, the complainant, which was made public on Saturday, suffered a loss of about ₹1 lakh.”

Ankush Mishra, senior superintendent of police (state cyber cell), urged people not to click on any dubious websites and to ignore calls from ominous numbers while warning them about the new cyber fraud.

“As we close the loop on cyber criminals, they are developing new strategies for deceiving people.  People should exercise caution and avoid disclosing private bank information to anyone,” Mishra briefed.

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