The maker of networking hardware from Taiwan, D-Link, has acknowledged a data breach that exposed “low-sensitive and semi-public information.”


“Data from an outdated D-View 6 system, which reached its end of life as early as 2015, was confirmed to not have come from the cloud.”

“Back then, the information was utilized for registration. There is currently no proof that the obsolete data included any user IDs or financial data.”

“The most recent login timestamps appear to have been altered on purpose to make the old data appear newer, according to our reasoning.”

The news comes more than two weeks after a BreachForums post on October 1, 2023, in which a third party claimed to have obtained the source code for D-Link’s D-View network management software as well as the personal information of numerous government officials in Taiwan.

In contrast to reports that millions of customers’ data had been stolen, D-Link, which hired cybersecurity firm Trend Micro to investigate the incident, noted several errors and exaggerations, claiming that the hack resulted in the compromising of just 700 “outdated and fragmented” information.

It added that one employee unwittingly fell prey to a phishing assault, which caused the breach, and that it is taking measures to improve the security of its business operations. The attack’s specifics were kept under wraps.

The business also stressed that this occurrence is unlikely to have an impact on its current active clients.

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