West Bengal Employs 188 Professionals To Establish A Special Cyber Crime Wing

Cyber Crime Wing

Kolkata:  In order to bolster its endeavors in addressing cybercrime, the state of West Bengal has introduced a specialized unit known as the West Bengal Cyber Crime Wing (WB-CCW) inside its police force. The objective of this strategy development is to enhance the efficiency of cyber-related management and optimize administrative ease. The establishment of the WB-CCW aims to enhance the state government’s ability to combat the increasing threat posed by cybercrimes in a more efficient manner.

The establishment of this novel unit, along with the addition of 188 fresh positions across multiple categories and the relocation of 305 current positions from four independent units within West Bengal Police, seeks to enhance the efficiency and organization of the governance and operation of cybercrime-related affairs within the state.

Strengthening the Fight Against Cybercrime

  1. Background of Cyber Crime Management in West Bengal

Currently, the management of cybercrime complaints in West Bengal is overseen by a total of 34 Cyber Crime Police Stations that are strategically located across various Commissionerates and Districts. In addition, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is responsible for the supervision of a Cyber Crime Police Station. Moreover, the West Bengal Police has established four independent units dedicated to the management of cyber-related issues. The proposal put out by the West Bengal Police Directorate suggests the establishment of the West Bengal Cyber Crime Wing (WB-CCW) as a means to strengthen the handling of cybercrime cases and improve administrative efficiency.

  1. Creation and Responsibilities of WB-CCW

After careful deliberation, the Governor of West Bengal has granted approval for the establishment of the West Bengal Cyber Crime Wing (WB-CCW). The proposed establishment of a specialized wing involves the integration of many pre-existing units, including the Cyber Patrol Cell, Cyber Crime Cell, Cyber Forensic and Digital Evidence Examiner’s Laboratory (CFDEEL) under the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), as well as the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS). The administrative control of the Cyber Crime Police Station within the Criminal Investigation Department in West Bengal would be exercised by WB-CCW.

  1. Allocation of Personnel and Resources

The program encompasses the establishment of 188 more employment across diverse categories, consisting of 134 permanent positions and 54 IT personnel hired through engagement. Furthermore, a total of 305 postings encompassing various categories would be relocated from the current independent units within the West Bengal Police to the recently constituted WB-CCW. The cash allocation for this endeavor will be sourced from the designated budgetary allocations allocated for the West Bengal Police.

The formation of the West Bengal Cyber Crime Wing (WB-CCW) is a deliberate and calculated action taken to strengthen the cybersecurity infrastructure of the state. West Bengal aims to enhance the safety of its inhabitants and enterprises in the online realm by the consolidation of efforts, streamlining of procedures, and allocation of specialized resources. This progress aligns with the dynamic nature of cyber threats, thereby guaranteeing that the state maintains a leading position in efficiently combating cybercrime.

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