Dating App Cyber Scam

A person (Gurugram) lost ₹ 2 Lakh in an online dating scam by a woman on a dating app. Even alerted about online dating.

Nowadays, dating apps are one of the most popular places where people can find their partners or, we can say, companions. It has already taken a new way to change our ways of choosing a life partner in the modern-day world.

Dating Apps have vastly opened our horizons. But it isn’t always safe or reliable for us every time. A cyber scam incident has come into the spotlight, pointing at “Online Dating.” “Bumble,” one of the most popular dating apps, has been shown in this event that made the person lose ₹ 2 Lakh.

Due to this case, being cautious of such apps is needed.


Cyber Scam, Gurugram

PTI Report

In this incident, a woman (IT Background) got caught extorting money from a man she met on a dating app. She framed the man with the accusation of molestation and blackmailed him for ₹ 2 Lakh. Good to know that the woman got caught with her ‘partner in crime’ while exchanging money.

This event shows that not all people we meet online are genuine, with good intentions motivating people to identify the authenticity of people on dating apps.

Moreover, scammers “Binita Kumari and “Mahesh Phogat” not only used the same methods on 12 individuals but also framed 5 of them for rape and molestation in the past. This event has spotted the serious need for protection against such scams.

Moreover, due to such heinous crimes, we need strong security measures to fight against online threats to protect our data online, including “Dating Apps.” Binita Kumari (Bihar) works at an IT Firm with his partner from an NGO, that met on Bumble Dating App.

Their intentions got malicious over time. On the other day, the victim was invited to a hotel by Binita Kumari, where she made the victim drunk forcefully. Finding the situation suspicious, he ran away immediately.

The woman continuously accused the victim of rape and molestation and blackmailed him for ₹ 2 Lakh. After that, the victim sought support from the Police, which led to the arrest of both criminals.

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