Websites of the Swiss Federal Administration are “Unavailable” following a Cyberattack.


It stated that “a number of federal administration websites are/were unavailable on Monday,” although the primary Swiss government portal,, was still reachable.

Geneva:  The internet pages of various authorities and state-affiliated businesses were blocked on Monday due to a cyberattack on Switzerland’s federal administration, according to the finance ministry.

The exact same “NoName” organization that launched a comparable cyberattack on the Swiss parliament last week was responsible for the so-called distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which renders websites or servers inaccessible by overloading them with fraudulent as well as useless traffic.

It stated that “a number of federal administrative websites are/were unavailable on Monday,” although the primary Swiss government portal,, was still reachable.

The DDoS attack had been promptly detected by federal administration experts, it added, who were “making efforts to reinstate the functionality of the apps and websites as quickly as possible.”

Online, the ‘NoName’ organization took ownership of this attack.  The attack on, which was made public last week, was likewise the work of this gang, it claimed.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which emphasized that no data is lost in a DDoS attack, is analyzing the attack along with the impacted administrative entities and working to establish the right actions, it was stated.

Similar to other nations, Switzerland is seeing an increase in cyberattacks directed at businesses, governments, and even institutions.

The government issued a warning last week that it suspected a ransomware attack on Xplain, a technology business that supplies software for many agencies, may have resulted in the theft of data.  This led to Monday’s revelation.

Xplain, a company that provides software to government agencies with a focus on homeland security, counts the Swiss Army and the customs department among its clients.

The government asserted that it did not think the Xplain systems had direct access to the systems used by the federal government.

A ransomware organization dubbed Play, which has been accused as well of most recently targeting two sizable Swiss media publications, was blamed for the attack by Xplain.


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