An IT expert loses ₹59.65 Lakhs to online criminals in “task fraud.”

online criminals in task fraud

The case is being looked into by police inspector Chandrashekhar Sawant of the Cyber Police station.

In an additional significant “task fraud” case reported to the Pune city police, a 28-year-old woman employed by an IT company was defrauded out of ₹59.64 Lakh over the course of 14 days by making numerous payments to 13 banks under the false pretense of receiving payment for “prepaid tasks.”

The victim, who was a woman from Hadapsar’s Amanora Township, reported the incident on Monday at the Cyber Police Station.

A cell phone user and a bank account holder with a Telegram account who were both implicated in the crime have been arrested by the police and charged with violating sections 419, 420, 34, and the Information Technology Act.

According to the FIR, the fraudster called the complainant on April 16 using a social network account and offered a “part-time job” that promised compensation for completing online activities.

When the woman consented, according to the police, she was given online duties via a Telegram account and paid tiny sums.  After receiving the initial money, the complaint was provided with “prepaid tasks,”  which guaranteed bigger profits.

The complainant then made an Internet transfer of funds to specific bank accounts.  In order to provide a false sense that she had been offered more difficult jobs with better pay, the fraudster allegedly connected the complaint to a Telegram group.  The complainant continued to pay money, anticipating bigger profits, according to the police, but the fraudsters allegedly kept raising the pre-paid costs.

According to the police, the person complaining transmitted an overall of ₹59,65,345 into 13 bank accounts between April 16 and April 29, 2023, through various digital transactions, at the scammer’s direction, before realizing she was not receiving the promised returns in the “part-time job” and had been duped by cybercriminals.  The case is being looked into by police inspector Chandrashekhar Sawant of the Cyber Police Station.

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