Do Not Open .exe File, Indian Cyber Crime Control Handle Cyber Dost Issued Advisory

Do Not Open .exe File

Do Not Open .exe File, Indian Cyber Crime Control Handle Cyber Dost Issued Advisory

‘Cyber Dost’ issued an advisory on its X handle to the general public, ultimately alerting them not to open .exe files, which could be a trap from cyber advisories.

If you want to avoid cyber fraud, then do not open the .exe file at any cost.  In case, you opened some files in this .exe format even by mistake, you may become a victim of cyber fraud.

The Indian Cyber Crime Control Agency’s social handle ‘Cyber Dost’ has issued an advisory for this and has also warned not to make such mistakes and take strict precautionary measures.

What Warning Has Cyber Dost Given?

Cyber Agency’s Cyber Dost has issued a post on social media platform X in which it has been told that you should not open the .exe file at any cost.  It has been told in this post that if any such file is sent to you through email, WhatsApp, or any other medium, then you should be absolutely careful.

Actually, cyber fraudsters have many techniques that are being used in new ways every time.  If you are aware of new technology, you too can avoid falling into the clutches of cyber fraudsters.

For this reason, Cyber Dost has given this information to prevent possible fraud.

If any media file ends with .exe, do not download it or open it by clicking on it.  After opening this file, your system may get hacked or malware software may be installed in your system.

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