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The learner was compelled to deposit ₹53.63 lakh from her, and her mother’s bank accounts to a number of additional accounts offered by the con artists under the heavy threat of impending arrest.

A 25-year-old marketing individual was a victim of cybercriminals who, posing as law enforcement officials and personnel from courier services, were able to steal an incredible ₹53 lakh from her and her mother’s bank accounts in another instance of the ongoing “drugs in parcel” frauds.  After alleging that drugs had been found in a package that was allegedly shipped by her to Taiwan, the thieves took advantage of her concern about legal implications.  This particular incident is part of a troubling pattern that has cost more than 15 people in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad a total loss of around ₹2 crores.

Early in July, when the marketing student got a phone call on her cellphone from someone purporting to be a representative of an overseas courier business, the recent incident — which has since been reported to the Cyber police station — began to take place.  She learned that a package bearing her name had been sent to Zhang Lin in Taiwan, allegedly carrying drugs and 6 passports.  Refusing any connection, the victim was confronted with legal threats and forced into contacting the “Anti Narcotics Cell of Mumbai,” according to an allegation supported by the inclusion of the name of an active IPS officer.

The girl was forced to complete a startling amount of 34 operations within hours under the tremendous fear of being arrested, exchanging ₹53.63 lakh from her and her mother’s savings accounts to numerous other accounts offered by the con artists.  The individuals who called told her that she was going to get a “clean chit” in the manufactured case before the money was refunded.  When she realized she was being tricked, she stopped making transfers and immediately filed the event to the Cyber Crime police station.

In response to a question about the probe, a police official said, “We are diligently investigating evidence connected to the offenders’ contact details and the bank accounts they compromised.”

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