Drugs in Parcel Scam: Cybercriminal Scared the Officer’s Wife in the Disguise of DCP Crime; Made Her Digital Arrest and Stole ₹1 Crore 48 Lakhs.


Drugs in Parcel Scam: Cybercriminal Scared the Officer’s Wife in the Disguise of DCP Crime; Made Her Digital Arrest and Stole ₹1 Crore 48 Lakhs.

A cybercriminal scared an officer’s wife in the disguise of DCP Crime.  He even digitally arrested her leading to a theft of ₹1 Crore 48 Lakhs.

Drugs in Parcel Scam

Mumbai, Maharashtra:  A cybercriminal, posing as DCP Crime, called the wife of a retired Central Government officer, threatened her, and got her digitally arrested.  After this, ₹1 crore 48 lakh was recovered from them.  After this incident in Prayagraj, the police have registered a case on the complaint of the woman and have seized ₹40 lakhs.  The cyber cell is investigating the matter.

Drugs in Parcel Scam

Recovery in the Name of Drugs Parcel Being Sent to Taiwan

A few days ago, a woman living in Prayagraj was called by Cyber Criminals from an unknown number and introduced themselves as DCP Crime.  The woman’s husband is a retired Central Government officer and the woman lives alone in Prayagraj.  The caller said that a parcel had been sent to Taiwan by FedEx International Courier Company in your name.  It contains drugs, laptops, credit cards, and other items.

When the woman refused to send such a parcel, the cybercriminal who called said that her complaint had come to Mumbai Police and I am calling DCP Crime of Mumbai Police.  After this the caller made a video call and the person seen on the video call was in police dress.  Further, the woman was digitally arrested over video call and forced to send money by threatening her in different ways.

Drugs in Parcel Scam

Moreover, the woman was kept under house arrest for three days, and by threatening her, Rupees 1 crore 48 lakhs were transferred to different accounts.  Just after this, when the woman became suspicious, she complained about this matter to the police.  When the police investigated, it was found that the entire amount from the woman’s account had been transferred to the accounts of SBI and Yes Bank.  The police took action and seized Rupees 40 lakh in an account.

What is Digital Arrest?

In digital arrest, someone is monitored through video calling on Skype or other apps from a mobile laptop.  One is not allowed to stay away from video calling by scaring the same person.  That is, in a way, the accused is imprisoned in his house through video call.

During this time, the person can neither talk to anyone nor go anywhere.  A person is so scared that one is forced to make transactions worth lakhs of rupees without notifying any person or authority of the same ordeal.

Be Careful of Such Scams with These Best Practices:

  • Do not answer video calls coming from an unknown number.
  • Be alert if you get a call in the name of drugs being found or having any objectionable material in your parcel going or getting received from overseas. This type of caller may be a cyber fraudster.
  • If someone is scaring you by making a phone or video call and constantly insists on being on the phone or on the call just to digitally arrest you. Then, understand that the other person may be a cyber-criminal.  In such a situation, immediately inform your family members or friends about this.
  • In case of any suspicious cybercrime incident, you should call 1930 firsthand.

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