Encashing Reward Points Cost A Cyber Fraud Worth ₹1.7 Lakhs to Delhi Police Constable


Cases of cyber fraud are continuously increasing in the country.  A case of cyber fraud has come to light with a Delhi Police constable. The miscreants called the victim, a Delhi Police constable.  The caller claimed to be his bank representative and the Reward Points on his card were going to expire on the same day.

Therefore, the caller persuaded the victim to encash those reward points as soon as possible.  He did the same to gain some amount on behalf of the reward points and ultimately, lost rupees 1 lakh 70 thousand.

Trapped The Delhi Police Constable on Call

According to media reports, this fraud happened with the head constable of Delhi Police posted in the Right to Information Cell of Railways.  To deceive the constable, the cyber thugs called and presented themselves as agents of a private bank to befool him with utmost caution.

The scammers told the constable that his reward points were about to expire.  He needs to get them cashed at the earliest.

Modus Operandi of the Cyber Thugs

After calling the victim, the cyber thugs told him to encash the reward points as soon as possible.  To do this, the scammers redirected him to download an app.  After this, the policeman installed the app suggested by the thug on his mobile.

As soon as the police constable downloaded the app and entered his details in it, after some time SMS started coming on the constable’s mobile.  These messages were about debiting the amount from the bank account.

Gradually one lakh 70 thousand rupees were deducted from the constable’s account. After this, he immediately complained about this matter to the police.

Stay Vigilant With These Best Practices

  • Keep your password secure.
  • Use only secure internet.
  • Test phishing emails properly.
  • Check for all updates regularly.
  • Be aware of cyber fraud.
  • Be cautious in financial transactions.
  • Avoid clicking on any link.
  • Don’t download any app immediately.
  • In case of any kind of fraud, complain on helpline number 1930.

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