Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus Spyware is a powerful spying tool developed by Israel’s NSO Group, capable of exploiting both Android and iOS devices to install spyware and secretly monitor the activities of the suspect. This notorious spyware first came into view in august 2016 after a failed attempt to hack the iPhone of a human rights activist.

The Israeli cyber security company, NSO Group claims that Pegasus has been developed to prevent and investigate terror and crime. The NSO security Group also claims that Pegasus spyware is exclusively used by the government and Law Enforcement agencies to fight crime and terror.

Recently, The New York Times reported that F.B.I was using the Pegasus Spyware Hacking tool for Investigations. The officials found a 2018 letter from the bureau to the Israeli government in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation was informing the Israeli government about purchasing Pegasus from the NSO Group. This letter is the clearest document that shows F.B.I was using Pegasus spyware for collecting data from mobile devices from the suspects of the ongoing investigation. Pegasus spyware was developed by Israel’s NSO Group that required approval from the Israeli government before it could be sold to any foreign government.

The F.B.I official mentioned that, they intended to use this hacking tool to collect data from mobile devices to prevent and investigate terror and crime in compliance with the nation’s privacy policies and Human Rights. It got clear after this letter that, the F.B.I was using the Pegasus spyware tool since 2018 for testing Pegasus secretly.

The F.B.I officials acknowledged that they were using this tool but mainly for testing and analyzing the way it works. They told that they wanted to understand how Pegasus software can be used by the adversaries. They also affirmed that they never used Pegasus software to conduct any real investigation.

It is clear that F.B.I was not intended to use Pegasus software to conduct any operation. It has been confirmed from the sources that the Federal Bureau of Investigation acquired a limited license for testing and evaluation of the Pegasus tool of Israeli NSO Group.

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