Conti Ransomware Hacking Group

 Conti Ransomware affected the Costa Rican Finance Minister

Costa Rica, a country in Central America has been immensely affected by Conti Ransomware Hacking Group. This cyberattack is so severe that the President of Costa Rica, “Rodrigo Chaves Robles” has declared a national emergency after the Conti ransomware affected the Costa Rican finance minister, the ministry of social labor & social security, and major government entities in the country. The president signed a decree to declare a national emergency and asked society to see and respond to the cyberattack as criminal acts. The president also said that we signed the decree so that we could defend ourselves from the Conti Ransomware cyber-attack.

The U.S. State Department participated in this cyberattack and offered a $10 million bounty for information leading to the Conti Ransomware Hacking Group. In addition, the government has also offered an additional 5 million united state dollars for information that could help the law enforcement agencies to convict and arrest individuals behind the Conti ransomware attack. It is estimated that the Conti Ransomware has affected more than 1000 organizations with victims’ payout of more than 150 million dollars.

Recently, Costa Rica was hit by the Conti ransomware, which severely affected both the public and private sectors, bringing all basic government processes to a halt in the country. The Costa Rican Finance Ministry, the Ministry of Labour & Social Security, Family Allowances Fund, Interuniversity Headquarters of Alajuela, and the Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Telecommunication came under the Conti Ransomware attack.
The agencies suspect that this ransomware is not part of a state-sponsored cyberattack, but some malicious hacking group victimizing the government and public sector organizations to demand ransom. Cybercriminals have deployed Conti Ransomware on the organization’s computers to take control of it and infiltrate the confidential data.

Conti Ransomware Hacking Group has Leaked a Major Part of Confidential Information

In April 2022, the Conti Ransomware Hackers allegedly demanded a Ransom of $10 million from the ministry of finance but they denied the bid of the attackers. As a result, the organization has to lose a lot of data after the threat actor kicked off a major data dump. The Hacking group behind the Conti Ransomware has leaked a major part of confidential information making the situation worse for the affected organizations. The attackers have also warned to make the situation more tragic if they reject their demands.
Now, it is a significant challenge for law enforcement personals to mitigate the risks for the victim organization and discharge the Conti Ransomware. The United States came forward to control the situation and offered approximately $15 million united state dollars as a bounty to activate the hackers and investigators from different parts of the world to seek information about the Conti Ransomware Hacking Group.

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